If you are seeking a healthy dose of happiness, Vitamin D might just be the magic pill. The best part? Sunshine is free! Tropical paradises will immerse you in a mixture of nature, history, culture and wildlife. You might find a balance of exhilaration and relaxation, adventure and pampering. So pack your bags, grab your sunglasses and head to one of these sun-filled destinations. You’ll find happiness almost immediately!


Channel the Aloha Spirit of Hawaii, United States

The near-constant sun, the temperate sea, and leis made of flowers make Hawaii close to happiness incarnate. The islands combine the perfect blend of beaches and wildlife, delicious food and a welcoming culture. You won’t want to miss the chance to experience some astonishing stargazing and the chance to live like a local. Grab a surfboard and channel the spirit of the ocean! There is truly no better place to get away and with over 400 listings, you’re sure to find a home you’ll want to bring the whole ohana (it means family) along to visit. Read More

Arizona is a place that inspires, invigorates and exhilarates. Whether you’re planning a short weekend or a long, leisurely trip, Arizona is packed with activities to experience, from outdoor activities to foodie fun to kid-friendly destinations. Keep reading to learn how to visit Arizona like a local and stay for free!

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By Victoria Ortiz

It’s your first time on HomeExchange.com, so you naturally navigate to our interactive map where you can search from over 65,000 world-spanning listings. What do you search for? If you’re like some users, you skip “Paris” or “New York City” and you put in your own home town. What you find may surprise you.

Your neighbors are listed on the site! Well, maybe not your literal neighbors, but there are sure to be some folks in your area. And there’s a reason for it. Over a million exchanges have successfully been arranged through the site and chances are that at least one of them was within your local area. Keeping up with the Joneses has never been so easy, fun, or inspirational. They’ve learned that HomeExchange lets you live like a local wherever you want to go and saving money at the same time. Read More

Little did she think when she dropped the first letter into the post box offering their house for exchange that this was a process she was destined to repeat many times over the next thirty years!

As time has gone by, the means of communication have become more sophisticated – letters and phone calls being superseded by faxes, and these in turn by e mailmaking the entire process simpler and quicker. What has not changed though is that thrill of anticipation when a communication arrives offering a house swap with details of their home and themselves. Read More

12 months, 31 States, 11 National Parks, 11 Home Exchanges and one extraordinary adventure. Meet Roz and Steve, who completed an amazing road trip in the USA.

Our names are Roz and Steve Gugenberger, and we live on Queensland’s beautiful Gold Coast. We love to travel, and both lived and worked overseas in our younger years so have always had ‘itchy feet’. We gave up working in 2009 and then spent three years travelling around Australia in our RV. We mixed up time in our van with a number of house-sits, which we loved, so it was a natural progression to move into home exchanging when we built our new home on the Gold Coast in 2012. Read More

By Victoria Ortiz

The magic of a sunset is that it’s everchanging. Whether you count down as the sun slowly slips into the ocean, or watch as the clouds transform from snowy white peaks to fuchsia hues, these atmospheric shows feel like a play whose curtain of night falls all too quickly. We’ve pulled together the list of our favorite destinations to enjoy some beautiful sunsets!

Iceland (Grundarfjörður):


The spectacular sunsets of summer more than make up for the lack of them from November to February. This small Icelandic town hosts a marina that features a backdrop of the volcanic Kirkjufell Mountain jutting into the ocean. In the Land of Fire and Ice, one can even catch a midnight sunset in the latter half of June and then stay up to see a sunrise only a few hours later! Read More

It’s good to be prepared whenever you’re traveling to a new location. Fortunately for those going on a home exchange, the packing list is sure to be less cumbersome. Not only that, your exchange partner can be very helpful on what to expect and what is already available. Check out what HomeExchange members have been able to leave off their packing list.


Snow Clothes

During our exchange for New Year’s Eve in Finland, we kept in touch with several HomeExchange members. In contrast, temperatures in Spain are not so extreme (in Finland it could reach -40ºC). One of the families left us thermal and snow clothes for the girls, and thermal coats and shoes for the adults. Read More

Whether you’re a brand new member looking forward to your first exchange, or you’ve done many, we all know how nice it is to be appreciated. Here are a few tips to make being part of the HomeExchange community more engaging and enjoyable experience for all.


Click reply

It can take a while to craft a request for an exchange, even a relatively simple one. So, if you receive a request, take a moment to reply. Even if you’re not interested or aren’t able to make it work with your schedule, it makes the person sending out the request feel like they didn’t just throw a message out into a digital void. If you are interested, even better! You can get the conversation started and be one step closer to your next adventure. Read More