The time leading up to a very first home exchange is always filled with excitement. And also, sometimes, worry. These HomeExchangers share memories of their first times — the hesitations and doubts — and how they came away convinced and enthusiastic for more!


“When I signed up, my first concern was whether anyone would be interested in my home. So when I received my first exchange requests, I was struck by how people with much better houses than mine were willing to exchange.” Read More


How we spent 34 glorious days in Iceland without breaking the bank. And how you could do the same in any destination.

My family has logged 10 home exchanges in three years, spending as long as three months a year traveling. And we’ve done it by maximizing all the benefits of HomeExchange.

Guiding our thoughts is the belief that not spending money on expensive tourist activities is a down payment toward future travel. Every dollar we save on one trip means more travel days in the future. We know that we can turn one week in a bucket list location into three weeks if we make the right choices, and HomeExchange is the right choice – one heck of a great way to save a lot of money. Read More


By Victoria Ortiz

In the world of HomeExchange, how big your home is and where it is really don’t matter. There’s been a two-bedroom condo in Los Angeles, California, exchanged for a five-bedroom lakeside home in Wanaka, New Zealand, and both parties felt like they got an amazing deal. That’s because both homes were proud and beloved showcases for the families that live in them.

Travel is not black and white. People are inspired to travel for a multitude of reasons, so it makes sense that they would seek different styles and locations of accommodation.
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Whether you want to watch the sunset over the San Francisco Bay or explore the museums of New York City, the 2016 Top 10 listings for America span the gamut. Hike the Pacific Northwest or tan on the Florida coast, there is a home for every taste. Explore below and start planning your next exchange.

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In 2017, HomeExchange celebrates its 25th birthday! Here are some reflections from HomeExchange founder Ed Kushins on the quarter-century journey from modest origins to today.

“Hey Ed, our end-of-January newsletter is scheduled to include a piece tentatively titled What We’ve Learned in 25 Years. Can you put some thoughts into an article?” Read More


Ever thought about taking a long trip made up of multiple exchanges? Here’s advice from one HomeExchange couple who just embarked on a five-month, three-country, 12-exchange journey! They say you’re only limited by your imagination.

If you have experienced the pleasure of a home exchange, you know how exciting it is and how you want to do more. So… why not schedule several home exchanges in a row for a longer, unforgettable trip? It may seem daunting to organize, but with these tips you’re only limited by your imagination! Read More


Sometimes one half of a couple has to convince the other half about the wisdom of home exchange. Here are some testimonials from HomeExchange members about what it took to convince their skeptical partners. And the very happy results.


It took me five years to convince my husband to do HomeExchange. As a retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with high security clearance, he just couldn’t wrap his head around it. Then we started exchanging and a year later our dog died. I asked my spouse to give me five years of travel before we got another dog. He agreed. Last year at Christmas I said “OK, it’s been five years. Do you want to get a dog?” He replied “Let’s keep traveling.”
Marianne, CA, USA
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Arranging your first home exchange is exciting, but some old habits and concerns die hard, even as new ones are being born. These six reminders from recent first-time HomeExchangers help put important first-time experiences into context.

Reminder: You’re Saving Money

HomeExchange makes it possible to visit places you might not otherwise believe you can afford. Open your mind to new possibilities, especially those that are old set-aside dreams. Read More