The McCaleb family live in Tucson AZ, have been exchanging for 10 years and are proud members at When people ask them why they travel so much, they simply tell them they “Home Exchange ”.


Here is a typical conversation I would have with someone after telling them we “Home Exchange”…

Really?! You let strangers stay in your home?!
Well, yes, we do. But by the time of the home exchange, we hardly feel like strangers anymore. We’ve been exchanging information via email and phone, finding out from one another what would enhance their visit, and letting them know what we hope to see and do in their area. For the most part a HomeExchanger is vested in their guests having a great experience. Some of our HE’ers have gone to great lengths to show us a good time. Some examples are, making reservations, leaving passes or admission tickets for us and arranging private tours at places we’d never be able to have seen or experienced otherwise:  an exclusive restaurant reservations with personal attention from the chef; Personal driver and live-in housekeeper & chef; A private tour of the Lamborghini factory in Italy; And a personal hands-on visit in Lexington KY with American Pharaoh, the world’s most winningest race horse. I tell naysayers that the concept is based on a mutual trust and respect. You are staying in their home, and they are in your home. That reciprocity results in a desire to both please our guests, as well as to BE a good guest. Read More

Looking for an Exchange location that has room for the whole family? (And we do mean the whole family.) This collection of homes is made for you.

Few things form memories like having the whole family together in a new location. Everyone catching up around the table, going on adventures or, simply, getting away from the usual day-to-day stresses. We know how special it can be to reunite and that’s why we dove deep into our community and discovered some wonderful homes that are ideal for your next family gathering. Read More

Whether traveling with a large collection of family members or group made up of your family-of-choice, there are some things to consider when planning an Exchange.

Going on an Exchange with a big group is a great way to keep costs down and to take that trip you have been dreaming about. Before you go, here are a few things you should think about: Read More

Taking a trip with your extended family can be great… and it can also be, well, less than great.

While you are guaranteed to walk away from time together with many memories, there also could be a few bumps along the road. Read on to take a look at some of the best and less “fun” aspects of planning a Home Exchange with your extended family.


Perk #1
Your whole family is with you

Pitfall #1
Your WHOLE family is with you…and there could be days you wish they weren’t


Perk #2
Built in childcare!

Pitfall #2
If you don’t happen to have children, you can quickly become the built in childcare.


Perk #3
There is always someone there to lend a hand with whatever you might need.

Pitfall #3
There is ALWAYS someone there, even in the moments you wish you could be alone.


Perk #4
You will have plenty of people to help spread around the culinary responsibilities.

Pitfall #4
Too many cooks can make a good meal much more complicated. Beware those moments when knives are involved.


Perk #5
Costs can be spread around to make a trip much more affordable…

Pitfall #5
Unless there is that family member who always wants more than their share.


Perk #6
More heads equals more ideas for what to do!

Pitfall #6
More heads also equals many opinions to juggle and many more opportunities for uncomfortable “conversations”.


Perk #7
Through all the quality time, you are sure to get to know your family better.

Pitfall #7
With all that quality time, your family is going to get to know YOU better! (Alright, not totally a pitfall, unless they turn around and tell THAT story around strangers.)


Perk #8
Memories, memories and more memories

Sure, traveling with a family can be stressful, but in the end it creates so many wonderful moments that you may be willing to overlook the things that trip you up. You might enjoy it so much that you start planning another trip as soon as you return!

Have any fun moments of traveling with your extended family you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments!


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