By Victoria Ortiz

The magic of a sunset is that it’s everchanging. Whether you count down as the sun slowly slips into the ocean, or watch as the clouds transform from snowy white peaks to fuchsia hues, these atmospheric shows feel like a play whose curtain of night falls all too quickly. We’ve pulled together the list of our favorite destinations to enjoy some beautiful sunsets!

Iceland (Grundarfjörður):


The spectacular sunsets of summer more than make up for the lack of them from November to February. This small Icelandic town hosts a marina that features a backdrop of the volcanic Kirkjufell Mountain jutting into the ocean. In the Land of Fire and Ice, one can even catch a midnight sunset in the latter half of June and then stay up to see a sunrise only a few hours later! Read More


It’s good to be prepared whenever you’re traveling to a new location. Fortunately for those going on a home exchange, the packing list is sure to be less cumbersome. Not only that, your exchange partner can be very helpful on what to expect and what is already available. Check out what HomeExchange members have been able to leave off their packing list.


Snow Clothes

During our exchange for New Year’s Eve in Finland, we kept in touch with several HomeExchange members. In contrast, temperatures in Spain are not so extreme (in Finland it could reach -40ºC). One of the families left us thermal and snow clothes for the girls, and thermal coats and shoes for the adults. Read More


Whether you’re a brand new member looking forward to your first exchange, or you’ve done many, we all know how nice it is to be appreciated. Here are a few tips to make being part of the HomeExchange community more engaging and enjoyable experience for all.


Click reply

It can take a while to craft a request for an exchange, even a relatively simple one. So, if you receive a request, take a moment to reply. Even if you’re not interested or aren’t able to make it work with your schedule, it makes the person sending out the request feel like they didn’t just throw a message out into a digital void. If you are interested, even better! You can get the conversation started and be one step closer to your next adventure. Read More

ashely 2

They may have different ways of seeing the world, but they all have one thing in common: they explore it through HomeExchange! It is our pleasure to share 14 amazing bloggers who love to travel the world by exchanging their homes.

We asked this collection of bloggers to share their favorite travel memories and why they love to travel with HomeExchange. In no specific order, here are their thoughts. We invite you to e-meet them and discover your new favorite blogs!
Read More

Opera House 1cs

Tom and Sheila (aka Romancing the Globe) recently completed their first of 12 home exchanges in their very own Down Under Odyssey. Here are the things they loved about Sydney!

We enjoyed a wonderful home exchange for two weeks with a nice family from a suburb north of Sydney. They wanted to go skiing in Colorado – we wanted warm weather and Aussie adventure

We knew we would love Sydney, but many things surprised us – in a good way! Read More


That golden ticket, the winning lottery number, getting your ticket called at a raffle – it can feel almost too good to be true. You feel like the luckiest person in the world. With Home Exchange, that feeling can happen just by checking your inbox.

HomeExchange’s over 65,000 listings across the world include amazing castles, private beaches, and architectural wonders that most people only see on the pages of a magazine. These stunning properties are not available to rent, even for wealthy A-listers, but, as a member, you can briefly call home. Read More


In a world where swiping and “liking” seem to be the name of the romance game, might be the last place you’d expect to find it. Yet, when you think about it more, it makes a lot of sense. As you are getting to know someone you tend to look for commonalities to build a dynamic from. Do you like the same books? Is there a movie you both love? The thing is, with, at least one similarity is already known: travel. We each found our way here for one reason or another, but, in the end, it all comes back to exploring the world and sharing that with others.

These connections are becoming more and more common as the network of expands. We hear many stories of long lasting friends from around the world. Like Sandra from London and her connections with Jim in Palm Springs, California, Angela in Rome, Italy and Rosalie and Tony in Perth, Australia or Amanda of Long Beach, California and Oliver in Paris, France. These people, of various ages, and walks of life, become not just exchange friends but true friends. Read More


The time leading up to a very first home exchange is always filled with excitement. And also, sometimes, worry. These HomeExchangers share memories of their first times — the hesitations and doubts — and how they came away convinced and enthusiastic for more!


“When I signed up, my first concern was whether anyone would be interested in my home. So when I received my first exchange requests, I was struck by how people with much better houses than mine were willing to exchange.” Read More