Ever thought about taking a long trip made up of multiple exchanges? Here’s advice from one HomeExchange couple who just embarked on a five-month, three-country, 12-exchange journey! They say you’re only limited by your imagination.

If you have experienced the pleasure of a home exchange, you know how exciting it is and how you want to do more. So… why not schedule several home exchanges in a row for a longer, unforgettable trip? It may seem daunting to organize, but with these tips you’re only limited by your imagination! Read More


Sometimes one half of a couple has to convince the other half about the wisdom of home exchange. Here are some testimonials from HomeExchange members about what it took to convince their skeptical partners. And the very happy results.


It took me five years to convince my husband to do HomeExchange. As a retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with high security clearance, he just couldn’t wrap his head around it. Then we started exchanging and a year later our dog died. I asked my spouse to give me five years of travel before we got another dog. He agreed. Last year at Christmas I said “OK, it’s been five years. Do you want to get a dog?” He replied “Let’s keep traveling.”
Marianne, CA, USA
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Arranging your first home exchange is exciting, but some old habits and concerns die hard, even as new ones are being born. These six reminders from recent first-time HomeExchangers help put important first-time experiences into context.

Reminder: You’re Saving Money

HomeExchange makes it possible to visit places you might not otherwise believe you can afford. Open your mind to new possibilities, especially those that are old set-aside dreams. Read More


Happy 2017! We hope that you celebrated New Year’s with style. Some of you did it in HomeExchange style, while in a home away from home and experiencing the festive culture of a new place. Here’s a glimpse of what’s possible.

Where were you on New Year’s Eve? Maybe you celebrated with family or friends. Perhaps you stayed home, sipped champagne in the living room of a neighbor, or traveled across town to a midnight ball. We heard from some HomeExchangers who traveled even further: to distant places where they experienced the warm hospitality of new friends and the convenience of living like a local.
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New members are always joining HomeExchange. With them they bring an exciting new assortment of homes. Here are six reasons why you should always bookmark and review our New Listings Collection.

By Victoria Ortiz

Heraclitus famously said that “The only constant is change.” As travelers, we can all describe the many ways this sentiment resonates with us. And with a new year of change upon us, complete with resolutions and new travel plans, why not celebrate the new by exploring the New Listings Collection? Read More


For anyone new to home exchange, the notion of random people living in their home concocts images of broken furniture and missing valuables. It’s true that welcoming in perfect strangers would be reason for unease; however, by the time a home exchange is arranged, you’re putting trust in friends, not unknown people.

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We say that “For every home, there is an exchanger.” This compilation of the most-viewed HomeExchange listings in 2016 confirms just that. It covers everything from cityscapes to beaches, with a fine dose of the countryside in between. Here’s a look at what most inspired you to dream of travel.

In 2016, many HomeExchangers were drawn to the bustle and bright lights of New York City, while others preferred to unwind in the rural calm of France or England. Of course, there was the draw of relaxation by the pool, perhaps in Guadeloupe or on the coast of Spain. One quick glimpse of the photos of these picturesque and diverse locations is all that’s needed to understand why. Read More


There’s a certain freedom in traveling to places all over the world. The sun seems a little brighter. The people seem a little happier. The culture is so captivating that you have to bring some of it home with you. So if you’ve gone out into the world, adventured it up, or went sight seeing, here’s how to bring the trip home with you. Here’s how to decorate your home using items you’ve collected from all the places you’ve traveled to. Read More