tom sheila down under

Tom and Sheila (aka Romancing the Globe) are about to embark on a trip of a lifetime. A five-month, twelve home exchange adventure to explore New Zealand, Australia and Fiji!

Have you been Down Under? Is Australia, New Zealand or Fiji on your bucket list? They are on ours! We’ve dreamed of diving the Great Barrier Reef, wandering the lands of The Lord of The Rings, and exploring the rainforests and reefs, plus seeing koalas, kangaroos, penguins and Tasmanian devils. Our five-month, twelve home exchange adventure begins in just a few weeks!! Don’t pinch us, because if this is a dream we don’t want to wake up! Read More


Do your New Year’s resolutions include traveling more, making new friends and saving money? Check them all off in January by setting up a home exchange!

While HomeExchange’s vast network of homes in 150 countries makes it easy to “live like a local” all throughout the year, our data shows that January is the best time to organize an exchange. It’s when our most experienced members do it, taking extra advantage of new members’ listings, which translates to a larger and fresher selection of homes from which to plan your ideal vacation. Read More


The following English-language media coverage about HomeExchange is in addition to what we’ve summarized in our international roundup, which includes intriguing news from 12 countries and in 12 languages!

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There are few places on Earth as uniquely compelling as the “Land of Fire and Ice.” Discover why Iceland is a favorite destination for a growing number of HomeExchange members.

There must be something magical in the cool glacial water of this volcanic island. Far from tropical reefs and coconuts, Iceland is a different sort of island life. That’s part of the appeal. Rich in both nature and culture, Iceland has become a premier vacation spot. With spectacular fjords and rushing waterfalls to match an eclectic collection of festivals and museums, this is one trip you won’t want to leave. Especially once you get to know the locals as only HomeExchangers can. Read More


2016 was all about our members and expanding your experience and exchange opportunities. The HomeExchange team worked hard to bring ease, efficiency, and excitement to the HomeExchange experience. As we warmly welcome 2017, here are a few highlights from 2016!

New Messaging


The streamlined system was built to help save you time, keep you organized, and has inspired you to explore more listings. You’re connecting with more members than ever before.

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Considering a family vacation in the New Year, but unsure about when and where to go? Here are 10 destinations to set your wheels turning.

By Shnieka L. Johnson

There are many places that seem perfect for family travel, whether you’re longing for a sun-soaked beach, ready to hit snow-covered slopes or want to experience an old city dripping with culture.

Whatever you decide, here’s some key advice: Plan ahead! You are much more likely to find your preferred travel dates and accommodation (saving time!) and the best deals (saving money!).
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Learning about the Australian flag on the Sunshine Coast

By AK Turner

How to handle a child’s education while traveling is commonly cited by parents as an impediment to long-term travel. It doesn’t need to be. Don’t let education options intimidate you; if you can survive traveling with your kids, you can survive schooling them, as well. The first step is knowing what’s possible. Once you investigate, you may be surprised about how many options you have. Read More

HomeExchange lets you live like a local wherever you stay. You can really get under the hood of a place. But sometimes other forms of inspiration can also guide your footsteps to local hotspots. For fans of a Game of Thrones, here’s some great inspiration.

What if I were to tell you that you could go on vacation to King’s Landing, Dorne or North of the Wall? That you could walk in the footsteps of the Mother of Dragons or the King in the North? Or that you could take a holiday break in some of your favourite spots in the Seven Kingdoms, Beyond the Wall or the Free Cities? Read More