Top Instagram Destinations of 2017

With a global audience of over 800 million users, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. Sure, it is a great place to post photos, but it can also be an excellent tool for discovering what to see and do while on an Exchange. A little while ago, the company released their list of the ten cities that were Most Instagrammed. Dive into the list, and you might just start picturing yourself visiting one of these fantastic destinations.

10. Barcelona, Spain (Photos geotagged with Barcelona)

Marvel at the complexity of La Sagrada Familia, experience the Magic Fountain or experience the Barrio Gotico, with over 800 listings, your Barcelona dreams are easily within reach.

9. Istanbul, Turkey (Photos geotagged with Istanbul)

If you’re looking to have a photo-magical trip, an Exchange to Istanbul is a surefire way to come home satisfied. The architecture alone with worth an exploration.

8. Bali, Indonesia (Photos geotagged with Bali)

Prepare to make all your friends and family jealous. Between the temples and the beaches, an Exchange to Bali is where travel fantasies can become a reality. And with over 200 listings available, this is one destination you can check off your wish list.

7. St. Petersburg, Russia (Photos geotagged with St. Petersburg)

Get lost in the history of St. Petersburg. The city is a feast of architecture and culture. From the palaces and churches to the museums and theaters, this is one Exchange destination you won’t soon forget.

6. Los Angeles, US (Photos geotagged with Los Angeles & Disneyland)

For a real California experience, there are few destinations quite like Los Angeles. Hit up the number one Instagrammed location and visit Disneyland in Anaheim or get sweet on the Museum of Ice Cream. Know that this is a highly requested area, so try expanding your search to places around LA.

5. Paris, France (Photos geotagged with Paris)

When you Exchange with one of the 1,800+ listings in Paris, you have the chance to go beyond the expected and live like a local. Even still, we hope you’ll share your photo at the Musée du Louvre and the Eiffel Tower and tag us.

4. São Paulo, Brazil (Photos geotagged with Sao Paulo)

Discover the largest city in South America with an Exchange to the fantastically diverse São Paulo. Stroll the rivers, explore the Parque da Independància, or ask your Exchange Partner for the perfect spot for your next selfie.

3. London, United Kingdom (Photos geotagged with London)

London town is calling! While it wasn’t the most Instagrammed city, it was the most geotagged. It’s easy to see why. With destinations like the Tower Bridge, Hyde Park, the British Museum and more, you are sure to return from your Exchange with a camera full of postable images.

2. Moscow, Russia

With its mix of history and modern culture, an Exchange to Moscow is one you are sure to remember. From Red Square to the Kremlin to Arbat Street, the convergence of new and old is felt in every moment.

1. New York, US (Photos geotagged with New York)

While not the center of the world, it it the most posted city on Instagram. And with 1,000+ listings, you too can be hashtagging Time Square, Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and more.


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