Quick Getaways

Take a weekend with a home exchange!

Looking to disconnect? You don’t have to go far to achieve that “holiday” feel. HomeExchange is an ideal option for short getaways. While some people might think that an exchange is better suited for extended trips, many of our community members enjoy the ease of last-minute getaways. In fact, if you haven’t arranged an exchange yet, a weekend swap might be just the ticket to get you started. Sometimes the most exciting vacations can be closer than you think.

Here are a few ways to make the most of your short-term exchange:

1. Rediscover your region!

A fresh perspective can help to realize the wonders that surround us. There is no better way than to discover something new than by slipping into the shoes of another Home Exchanger. Even during a short exchange, you can begin to see your area differently and experience a change of scenery, all without having to travel all that far!

“Sometimes the closest destinations are the most exotic.” – Irene, French HomeExchange member

2. Head to a nearby city

Take the time to enjoy a weekend, extended or not, to clear your mind and discover one of the many cities or towns that are nearby. Either option has a lot to offer: there can be cultural activities for the whole family, or breathtaking natural views, and don’t forget about all the delicious food. Whether in major cities or more rural settings, visiting them through a home exchange is one of the best ways to visit them. After all, you have your exchange partners who will be more than happy to offer you some advice and recommendations on what to see from a local’s perspective.

3. Attend a festival or event!

There are so many festivals and events that take place in the summer, it can be challenging to budget everything in. That’s where HomeExchange comes in! As some locals might like to avoid the festival crowds, it’s an ideal time to reach out and see about arranging an exchange. They get to avoid the rush, and you can experience all the excitement of the event without breaking the bank!

4. Explore a tourist destination in the off-season

Short breaks, especially during the off-season, are also a perfect opportunity to go to major tourist destinations. Whether you want to head to the beach in winter or the mountains in summer, you can easily talk with members of HomeExchange and find the perfect time to visit. You might also consider looking for members who list their second homes as that can allow for interesting alternatives for a weekend outdoor adventure.

5. Let yourself be surprised by the exchange offers

The magic of HomeExchange being a part of a community that shares the same values of trust and hospitality. This network allows you to receive requests for exchanges from all areas and walks of life. So why not say “yes” to one of the inquiries you just received? Even if you had never thought of going to the location, it could be the opportunity to build an incredible memory!

Need a little more inspiration? Here are a few members who made the most of their HomeExchange membership by taking a short-term exchange. Before we go, we want to know why it is that you love taking short-term/weekend exchanges. Where do you like to go? What do you like to do? Share in the comments below!



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