A Hidden gem in Greece: Antiparos

Guest post by Renia Tsitsibikou

This little island in the Cyclades is only 17 square miles, but it packs enough beauty for a whole trip. In fact, you might spot Tom Hanks strolling on the beach; he owns a house here! Surely he would agree with these 10 reasons to love Antiparos and visit over and over again. Of course, not every little secret is shared here. You have to be surprised when you get there, no? Enjoy!

1. I love Antiparos because it is the “rival” of the cosmopolitan island of Paros: calm, peaceful, warm and flirty.

2. It might be a small island, but its beauty is overwhelming: cobblestone streets, lovely whitewashed houses, bougainvilleas everywhere, and a wild nature that reminds you how “small” we humans are in reality.


3. Antiparos provides the luxury of the ultimate relaxation. Since there are few but exceptional choices – beaches, restaurants, and bars – you don’t have to feel anxiety or have dilemmas on what plans to do every day. You definitely plan NOT to plan, and that is the perfect holiday scenario.

4. Soros beach is in my heart for its wonderful pebbles you can play with for hours, the clear crystal waters, the deep blue colour that attracts you constantly, and the underwater scenery for perfect snapshots!

Antiparos 2

5. On the other hand, I much appreciate Psaralykes, the three-in-a-row beaches right outside Antiparos village (that means you can walk to the beach) for endless hours of relaxation and chit chat with your friends on the golden sand, under the coolness and the shadow the tamarisks provide generously…all for free.

6. I feel blessed every time I reach the small archaeological island of Despotico. Endless, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and the peaceful silence provided to you since the island is uninhabited. If you need to feel like an explorer, that is a must- have daily excursion. And don’t forget to make stops in the middle of the trip to see the water caves or have a dive where the waters are emerald green!

antiparos 1

7. Magic comes from the earth too! Don’t miss a visit to the exquisite cave of St. John, one of the most important caves in Greece, which has been desecrated by the various conquerors over the centuries.

8. Wonderful nights in Antiparos: cool bars for cool people who know how to have fun in style. Walk to La Luna, an open air discotheque with amazing energy for free spirits! And, at the end, if you really think you need to get to a club, you can always jump to the “slipper,” the little boat that will take you to Paros island in no time.

Antiparos 4

9. Flavors: delicious breakfast and afternoon daiquiris at Margarita and casserole cuisine with original greek flavors at Klimataria, both in the Antiparos village. Great seafood at Pipinos on Ai Giorgis beach and onion pies at the tavern on Soros beach. Not to be missed, the perfect cheesecake at Navagio coffee shop, just before the entrance of the castle…

10. …Which we left for the end: the beautiful, vibrant Venetian castle, which keeps all calm and mystery inside, while before the gates, life flows in more “modern” rhythms!

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reniaRenia Tsitsibikou is a travel expert journalist from Greece. Follow her travel recommendations on her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Her favorite quote: Travel never ends!

Featured image: Flickr / visitgreecegr ; All other images: Reina Tsitsibikou

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    If you want to help travellers Renia perhaps write an article on how to see most of the Greek Islands and not be broke at the end. This would be helpful.

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