Incredible Lesser-Known Regions

Take a chance and your adventurous spirit will thank you.

Classic destinations are considered “classic” for a reason. The beaches of California, the culture of Barcelona, the history of London, or the celebrations of Munich all have their place. But when you want an experience that is a little more individual and unique, we recommend taking a look outside the norm and venture to some of these lesser-known regions. Each one is spectacular in its own way and, the best part, there are members of HomeExchange ready to exchange with you. Let’s explore!

Asheville, North Carolina

Located about two hours from Charlotte, North Carolina and Knoxville, Tennessee, the surprisingly temperate, Asheville is positioned in a region that can be enjoyed any time of the year. This unique metropolis is a study in contrasts. It showcases a vibrant architectural cross-section mixing Neoclassical with Beaux-Arts and Art Deco styles with more modern sensibilities. Through the years, it has become a refuge for artists, political leaders, and more.

To have an authentic “like a local” experience, we asked a few of our Ambassadors to share their thoughts. As Tricia put it, “Asheville has something for everyone: from the beer, wine, and cocktail enthusiast to the patron of the arts looking to enjoy live music and theater. The area has beautiful vistas with plenty of outdoor activities as well as a delicious food scene. You can buy produce from the local farmers’ market, tube down the French Broad River or hike in the mountains, sample many different local craft beers, listen to some live music and have a fantastic meal all in one day.”

With easy access to the stunning outdoors and plenty of activities to keep every member of the family occupied, don’t wait to add Asheville to your travel Bucket List.

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Cantabria, Spain

Like its motto says “Cantabria Infinita,” there is no shortage of things to fall in love with in this stunning region. Tucked between Asturias and the Basque Country, the curious combination of mountain landscapes and gorgeous coastline make Cantabria an ideal destination. Take a trip back in time and discover the impressive prehistoric locations at the Altamira Caves, stroll the coastal towns of San Vicente de la Barquera or Santillana del Mar, or relax on the fantastic sands of Langre. With all there is to do in Cantabria, you might just run short on time.

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County Clare, Ireland

Located on the West Coast of Ireland and surrounded by pockets of rivers, County Clare is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, those interested in history and heritage, and families with children of all ages. With a strong history of traditional music, County Clare is the home of many Ceili Bands with numerous music festivals held throughout the year. From Munster Vales to the Cliffs of Moher to the history-steeped city of Limerick, there is always something to see or do in County Clare.

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The Black Forest, Germany

Be careful, or you might just become so fascinated with the Black Forest that you might never want to leave. With dark fir forest, picturesque landscapes, and streams rushing through romantic valleys, the area is straight out of storybooks. Bordered by Switzerland and France, the region is known as “Three-Country Corner,” and offers its visitors a wide selection of activities in the heart of Europe. Where else in the world can you find locals wearing traditional dress, taste a delicious cake named after the region, AND visit a world-renowned theme park during one exchange? Between the food, the views, and the people, the Black Forest should be on everyone’s destination list.

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Yorkshire, England

Known as “God’s own country,” Yorkshire is positioned in the North-Central part of England, is England’s most significant historical county, and is also considered to be among the greenest of counties thanks to its vast areas of unspoiled countryside. Famous names like the Bronte Sisters, Guy Fawkes, David Hockney, and Ed Sheeran have all called this inspiring area home.

Between the food and drink, festivals, and historic destinations Yorkshire has something to offer no matter when you exchange. Sure, it can be a little damp in the Fall and Winter, but that only adds to the beauty the rest of the year.

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