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As members of the HomeExchange Team, we tend to spend quite a bit of time looking through Listings. Each one is special, but some homes make you stop and say “wow!” Explore our list of places that “break the mold” and make our list of Most Unique Homes.

A Church finds a New Mission

New York, USA – Originally a Methodist Episcopal church (ca.1850), the “Waterburg Church” has been renovated by its owner to be an energetic, creative space and quiet country retreat all-in-one.

If you’re a fan of converted churches, this home in Connecticut is worth more than a second look.

Go back to school

Plan Montmin, France – With breathtaking scenery and a relaxed, casual feel, this historic 1897 alpine schoolhouse is located in a village high above Lake Annecy, Rhône-Alpes, France. This home gets an A+ for history and extra credit for its environment.

All aboard! House or Steamboat?

Seattle, Washington, USA – Welcome aboard “Banjo” on Lake Union, docked in the heart of Seattle, Washington. This iconic houseboat is a fully functional stern wheel vessel that has been renovated into a charming mid-century modern urban home. Launch your paddle boards and kayaks for added adventure on the water or use it as a base to explore some of Seattle’s most famous attractions.

The aquatic life

Great Barrier Reef, Australia – Sure, this Listing does stretch the definition of “home,” but we’re willing to bet that if you get to exchange your home with the Reef Encounter, you’ll still be able to live like a local with your water-based neighbors.

Welcome to the Jungle!

Carate, Costa Rica – Move over Swiss Family Robinson. It is time to make way for HomeExchangers. This breezy bungalow nestled in the lush jungles of Costa Rica is a tropical-lover’s dream! With a wide open floor plan and a spectacular… and we mean SPECTACULAR ocean view, and its wild setting, this home is miles from ordinary.

Experience a DomeExchange

Joshua Tree, California, USA – Escape the hustle of city life and immerse yourself in the beautiful surroundings of Joshua Tree National Park. This geodesic dome features 360-degree views, and it is tailor-made for you to leave inspired.

Want to go global? Make a point to explore these domes in Chile and France.

Not your Grandmother’s Cabin in the woods

Saint-Martin-de-Caralp, France – Something about a home that looks like it was made using Lincoln Logs speaks to our inner child, yet our real-life adult desires the creature comforts of home. This gem of a home delivers both. It’s the rugged log cabin with all the modern furnishings and amenities to make us (young and old) happy.

Safari by the Sea

Begha, South Africa – This home deserves to be on a list of unique abodes purely based on its architecture, but its location puts The Sand Castle over the top. One exchange partner left this review: “It is even more beautiful than words can describe, or pictures can show… from the living room, we could see whales in the sea and, on the other side, the sunset and giraffes in the bushes.”

Your “Castle es mi Castle”

Kilkenny, Ireland – Enter this medieval Irish Castle and you’ll feel transported back in time. With thick stone walls and exposed wood beams, this home beckons you to explore every nook and cranny all while surrendering to the inspiring beauty of the Irish Countryside. This is the epitome of a Unique Home.

Speaking of castles, our list wouldn’t be complete without a special mention of this regal Scottish estate.

Explore these and more unusual listings with our Unique Homes category. Have a unique home that you think deserves a spot on our list? Send us an email to

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