10 Ways to Have a Better Life

Take the road less traveled. Go on an adventure.

Let’s break out of our daily routine and go in pursuit of our dream experiences. We looked around the world and found some of the best ways to shake up our lives. These destinations give you an opportunity to experience local culture, learn to make gourmet cuisine, watch the sunset over mountains and enrich your soul. Add to your life experiences with these ten must-see and must-experience destinations.

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1. Eat great food in Florence, Italy. Instead of getting takeout, get out and walk the streets of Florence. Explore the local cuisine. Indulge your senses in the fresh fruits, pasta, meats, and espressos. Wander through Sant’Ambrogio Farmer’s Market and pick up the basics for a meal at home. In the evening, enjoy the vibrant and social atmosphere in one of the many pubs.

2. Learn to make great food in Paris or Toulouse, France. While visiting France, check out the local schools and cooking classes. There are some that cater to vacationers looking for classes. After class, visit the local markets, pick up ingredients, and practice what you learned where you’re staying. There are many homes in both Paris and Toulouse with great kitchens ready to be used!

3. Go fly a kite in Bali, Indonesia. You could find an obliging field or beach to fly a kite near your home, but wouldn’t it be more fun to fly a kite in Bali during the Bali Kite Festival? This is one of the biggest festivals in Bali where you will not only get fully immersed in the culture, but you will also get to see amazing kites being flown competitively.

4. Learn to sail in the Dominican Republic or Blue Mesa Reservoir in Colorado, United States. Both destinations have amazing views and great waters for learning. Check out the home exchanges nearby for you to return to in the evening to rest.

5. Watch the sunset over Lake Annecy in the French Alps. Grab your camera and your favorite person as you both enjoy the last rays of sun glistening over the clear waters.

6. Watch the sunrise after partying in Bangkok, Thailand. Enjoy the rooftop bars downtown, the music at the rock bars near Ratchathewi, or dance your feet off in the fashionable pubs in Thonglor. Afterwards, grab breakfast as the sun rises over the city.

7. Sip an espresso while sitting at a café in Melbourne, Australia. For those coffee connoisseurs, visit the Melbourne International Coffee Expo. You could even watch the top barista’s battle it out in the ASCA National Coffee Championships.

8. Walk up the steps of Gaztelugatxe Island Church in Spain. Stroll across the long stone bridge from the mainland as you gaze over miles and miles of Spain’s beautiful shoreline (and the ocean view is pretty nice, as well). There are only 230 steps up to the church, but the climb will be well worth it.

9. Take a photographic road trip on Route 1 in Maine, United States or photograph whales in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Whether you want to capture lighthouses, scenic views, lobsters lazing about or whales breaking the ocean’s surface, both locations will keep you busy taking memorable shots.

10. Make great music in Nashville, Tennessee. This great city is known as the capital of country music. However, there’s more to this musical town than meets the eye. Artists from around the world descend on Nashville for its talented musicians in all genres. Take music lessons from the locals or attend a concert or two, and explore your musical depths.

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