10 fun and free things to do in Cadiz

Spectacular beaches, breathtaking landscapes, dazzling white villages, scrumptious gastronomy and delectable wines... Cadiz is a region of enormous contrasts with a wealth of sights, sounds, tastes, adventures and sunsets to savor. The HomeExchange Team reunites this summer in Cadiz, and we’ve asked our Spanish team to put together 10 free (and fun) things to do there. Enjoy!


Learn that we are not in Cadiz, but in “Cai”


photo by Anna & Michal

In the South of Spain it is common that the spoken language loses the last letters of each word. Cadiz is no exception for this, so the locals in Cadiz call their city “cai” (no “D”and no “Z”)  —  note that’s only for the pronunciation.

People in Cadiz have their own dialect which include words that are only mentioned in the region. They’ll call you “quillo” or “pisha” if you are a man; and “quilla” or “shosho” if you are a woman. And when they do, they’ll do it from the bottom of their hearts. In their own words, they are welcoming you and making you one of the local gang!

Get to know the neighborhoods in Cadiz

photo by Ediciones y Fotografía

Cadiz is a city to walk around. Enjoy a stroll around Populo neighborhood which is the old town of Cadiz, full of narrow streets and cozy little squares. Check out also the neighborhood of Barrio de la Viña (the Fishermens’ neighborhood) and the neighborhood Barrio de Santa Maria, where you’ll find the roots of Flamenco. Once there, be sure to take a picture (and a guided tour?) in front of the Teatro Falla.

Go to Fish Auction


Photo by Jesus Solana

Visiting the local Markets in Cadiz and/or in Jerez de la Frontera is a must! Buy a few things to prepare some delicious local tapas and immerse yourself into the local gastronomy. Going to a fish auction is something you’ll never forget! Fish auctions take place in Conil de la Frontera and Chipiona.

See the best Atlantic Ocean sunset!

Photo by Manuel Acebedo

Sunsets in Cadiz are breathtaking! There are several spots from where you can enjoy a great sunset: Santa Catalina Castle and La Caleta beach are two good examples. Both are in Cadiz city. If you wish to leave the city and explore the suburbs, head to La Barrosa beach (located in en Chiclana de la Frontera) or to the Camarinal watchhouse, located in Zahara de los Atunes.

Sip a glass of wine

Photo by Luis Potes

The region of Cadiz is well-known for a delicious gastronomy and wine selection. A must for foodies! Jerez wine (sherry and manzanilla variations) is made in the region. Explore Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlúcar de Barrameda and El Puerto de Santa María and you’ll discover not only beautiful towns, but also fantastic wineries and cellars.

Visit some White Villages

White Village in Cadiz: Castellar de la Frontera. Photo by Lorenmart

A spectacular amount of 19 white villages can be found in the surroundings of Cadiz. All white and beautiful, very often located on top of a hill from where you’ll enjoy fantastic views. Many of these white villages (or “Pueblos Blancos” as they are called in Spain), are located along the Natural Park of Grazlema which (you’re not going to believe this) is the rainiest place in Spain!

Discover the Fishing Weirs in Chipiona

Fishing weirs in Chipiona. Photo by Paco Solis

In the town of Chipiona you’ll be able to discover this interesting fishing method, that has been kept since the Arabian times.  This fishing method has been declared as Natural Monument by UNESCO.

Learn to surf from the best surfers in Spain

Surfing in Tarifa, Cadiz. Photo by Antonio Guerra

Do you like surfing? In Cadiz you’ll find some of the best beaches to surf in Spain: El Palmar beach (in Vejer de la Frontera), Lances beach (in Tarifa),  Bateles beach (in Conil de la Frontera) and Yerbabuena beach (in Barbate).

Locals like to surf so much that they have created a festival dedicated to this sport! It’s called “Cadizfornia Fest” !

Lay down on the Beach

Photo by Rey Perezoso

And yes, that’s our favorite, too! Lay down, read a book, go for a swim … Cadiz has amazing long and beautiful beaches, very suitable for families with kids. Here some of our preferred beaches in Cadiz: Bolonia, Roche, Caños de Meca, the beautiful Zahara de los Atunes, and the well-known Conil.

Eat like a local

photo by Machbel

Ok, this one is not “free” but it’s an important and delicious one that we wanted to include on the list. In Cadiz you’ll eat very well; especially, if you like fish and seafood, you’ll find in Cadiz an authentic paradise! Some of the delicacies you’ll be able to try: ortiguillas (snakelocks anemone), tortilla de camaron (shrimp omelette), mojama (filleted salt-cured tuna), chicharrones (pork rind), atun (tuna fish).



featured photo by Leo Hidalgo

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