The Real Life “Holiday”

In the 2006 movie “The Holiday” two women with troubled relationships exchange homes in each other’s respective countries setting off a romantic chain of events that seems plausible only in Hollywood.  The exchange website used in the flick was our very own HomeExchange.Com.  The Los Angeles/England swap that resulted in love showcased the possibilities that exist when you make your way out onto that proverbial limb and take a few leaps.

And while the storybook romances that made for a feel-good story and happy ending for both protagonists was fun to watch, it didn’t appear to be the type of occurrence most would deem possible.  That was of course until HomeExchange.Com member Lauren traveled to France from Lake Tacoma, Washington and ended up meeting Peter, the nephew of their host family.  An instant connection between the two and suddenly “The Holiday” had found its way into reality

Two years later the long-distance courtship continues burning red hot to this very day thanks to daily Facebook conversations and well-timed flower deliveries.  The seemingly fairytale like plot continues as the distance between the two has shrunk considerably– the happy couple will attend college together in Seattle this fall.

When you travel you open yourself to the wonder of exploration.  By simply stepping out of your everyday and into a world far from you comfort zone you’ll find the possibilities endless, and the fun just beginning.  HomeExchange.Com is thrilled to be apart of the phenomenon, and the stories we hear everyday inspire us to continue improving the joy of travel just a little more each day.

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