Round-the-World Home Exchange Challenge

The Crazy Idea

We had one of those crazy ideas a few weeks ago; you know the sort you haven’t really thought through but just fire up your imagination? We were looking forward to our next home exchange to Oregan and another offer came through, this time for Mexico. Now, we are very lucky in that we work for ourselves and have set up our business in a way that we can run it from anywhere in the world (as long as it has an internet connection!) So when the offer of a condo in Mexico came up we thought ‘Why not?’ But then we had a ‘light bulb’ moment that later turned out to change our life for the next 12 months. What if we don’t head back home after that? How about we just keep going? How could others benefit from following a ‘Round the World in Home Exchanges’ experiment?

Who We Are

We are Hannah and Chris from, a British couple who have been home exchanging for about 3 years.

We got the idea from my sister who used to take her young family away each summer, before they grew up! What surprises us is that apart from the lovely couples and families we have met through our own home exchanges we don’t know anyone else who does it. We can tell you though that pretty much EVERYONE we speak to is fascinated by the idea. We’d like to give them a nudge to try it out for themselves one day.

Partnering up with

We can’t tell you how delighted we were when contacted us to say they loved the idea.

All but one of our previous exchanges has been through home so we know how generous and thoughtful the members are, how efficient the exchange process and how great the range of home options. It was the natural choice for us, but would they be interested in supporting us? A few Skype calls later with the team, including Keghan and founder Ed Kushins …. and it was clear we could all see the potential of this ‘experiment’ and were keen to making it a massive success for everyone involved in home exchanging.

The Goal and ourselves share the same objectives; to promote home exchanging as far and wide as possible, encouraging new members and growing our community. And secondly, to spread the word about how straightforward it is to run a business while you travel, so hopefully more people will realize they don’t have to be tied to their desk if they don’t want to anymore. There is a big wide world out there waiting for you to explore (and earn a living while you do it!).

Where you come in!

We hope that our trip inspires some of those people thinking about dipping their toe into home exchanging. But to make this trip a success we need YOUR help. We need you to tell as many people as you can about it! They can then follow our adventures as well, as we hop from country to country, living in new neighbourhoods, making new friends, exploring towns, lakes, beaches, mountains, restaurants….whatever each location has to offer! There will be inspirational as well as challenging moments but we will be taking photos, holding interviews, recording video diaries, writing blogs- sharing our adventures of what ‘round the world in home exchanges’ and running a business is really like.

Be a Part of the Adventure!

We would also love for you to get involved. This is a big trip which is bound to have ups and downs. I’m sure we’ve all faced minor roadblocks and re-routes while arranging our exchanges, so it will be interesting to see what a year’s worth will bring! We are desperate not to break the challenge and have to stay in a hotel. We would love to show that it is possible to find a home every night for the whole trip, just from drawing on the resources we have as a community. So check out our map to follow our progress and if we are coming to a place near you please let us know.


Plus, watch out for a special invite to a fantastic event which will be coming your way soon!

Follow Our Updates

So that’s us and our ‘Round the World in Home Exchange’ experiment. We’d love to share it with you so please do keep an eye out for our updates on the Let us know your thoughts or comments about this plan, and we are always open to suggestions of things to do in your area!


About the author

We are Psychologist Hannah and IT expert Chris and we’ve spent 5 years traveling the world whilst running our own business. Home exchanging has been a big part of making that happen! You can learn the 7 refreshing ‘get there quick’ shortcuts to creating your own location independent lifestyle from our homepage. You can also follow us on Twitter for updates.

26 Comments on “Round-the-World Home Exchange Challenge

  1. Hi guys, Yeay! Go for it. We live in a small beautiful beach village half way between Brisbane and Sydney. If you would like a beach adventure, a great place to learn to surf!!!!, we have heaps of room. We are presently hosting a NZ couple, the week before a German dad and son. We have a flat downstairs so non simultaneous exchanging is easy. So you are very welcome here. It is easy to get here by tourist bus or train or fly into Coffs Harbour or Port Maquarie whre I can collect you! Anyway love to put the barbie or pizza oven on to welcome you here. We have had 11 exchanges now and plan heaps more so check out our site if you are needing accom in our area. 90795 Safe travels and have heaps and heaps of fun on the way. Cheers Kerrie and Peter

    • hey kerrie, that sounds great! What’s the name of the town? We are just in the process of figuring out our Australia plans- we have a few pieces of the puzzle and just need to fit it all together and see where any gaps are! Barbie and pizza oven sound perfect- you may just see us in your garden before too long!

  2. We’re avid home exchangers, and would love to meet you when you’re in Southern California. We’re off to Oregon and Washington 8/1-8/15 while an Italian couple stay in our house. Then to Paris and the south of France in September and October for 2 more exchanges. When will you be in California?

    • Hi there. We are Wally and Donna Berndt from Victoria, BC, Canada. Would love to meet you if you are going to be in the area. We plan on taking a year off in November 2013 and home exchanging, too. We are avid home exchangers, having done 23 of them so far. Would love to hear which technologies you are using for this journey and also any other advice you might have for us.

      • hi Donna
        23 exchanges!! We love Victoria, my brother lived there for a while so have enjoyed one Christmas and a beautiful spring there. This trip doesn’t take us that far north unfortunately this time. We’ve posted some techie advice here which might help, but fire over any specific questions if you need. There is all sorts of advice in the ‘manifesto’ section of our website and other specific tips if you complete the free sign up on our home page. Do you work as you travel too, or need technology mainly for staying in touch?

    • Hi Bruce and Christine
      we left LA this morning and just arrived in Portland. We return to LA August 16th and leave around the 24th but have yet to figure out an exchange for that period. it would be great to meet up, we’re hoping to host a ‘get together’ during that time so if there is any overlap we would love to meet you guys

  3. hi,what fun!!we live 30 kilometres north of coffs harbour and would be happy to exchange/host you for a few days on our glorious beachfront location.we are enthusiastic exchangers with no11 coming up and 5 more in the pipeline.the best way to meet like minded people….we can suggest some our previous hosts in asia /france/norway as well..happy planning..averil

  4. Hey guys, what an extraordinary project !
    We are a family of 5 and we live in Montpellier, France, if you want to step by and schedule a switch, we would love to be part of your amazing experience !
    We’ve had 10 exchanges all successfull.
    travel safe and enjoy

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  6. Greetings,
    We live in Bend Oregon -a beautiful place to ski, hike, boat, fish, bike and even live! You are welcome to stay with us, as we have many empty rooms. Happy Travels!

  7. That is a terrific adventure you are embarking on. I will be following your blog.
    As many others, we are avid home exchangers. We are Canadians living in Philadelphia but the property we exchange is in Hua Hin Thailand, 2 hours south of Bangkok. These are non simultaneous exchanges. Let us know if you need a place to stay there.
    We have a number of exchanges planned already but if we can help you out we would be happy to.
    Also if there is any other way we could support you, let us know.
    Bon Voyage!


    • Thanks for the kind offer Chantal.

      We were actually in Hua Hin in January/ February looking for a home exchange but unfortunately we were unable to arrange one- If only we knew of your potential exchange then!!

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