Life Swap

Home exchangers swap houses all the time, but members Agnès and Romina took it a step further…they swapped lives! Read on to discover how they did it.

Romina, from Buenos Aires and Agnès, from Barcelona, work at different branches of the same company and have similar jobs. Wanting to break out of the same routines, they each enrolled in their company’s office exchange program. “The idea was to live the life of another person who holds the same position as you do elsewhere in the world. In the agency we work at, there’s a program that allows us to work from a different office; we just needed to look for someone who would be able to continue our work for two months,” Romina explains.

When we asked Agnès how it felt to continue her work in Argentina, she said, “It’s a strange feeling to experience something you’re familiar with in a different way. You continue to work on the same thing but in a different context. It is without a doubt a 100% enriching experience!” Romina stressed the importance of “living another culture and seeing that human relationships are indeed the same anywhere in the world. We may speak different languages, work different hours, and eat different things, but good people are the same everywhere!”

While their jobs were similar Romina and Agnès had very different lifestyles. Romina’s home is a small studio apartment in Palermo, a young and trendy university neighborhood in Buenos Aires. By contrast, Agnès has a large family home outside of Barcelona in a quiet residential neighborhood. Both women loved the change of scenery, And Romina bonded with Agnès’s German Shepherd during the exchange.

Friends and family played a huge part in Romina and Agnès’s life swap; they exchanged those, too! Can you imagine arriving in a new city and having new friends waiting for you? Their parents got involved as well, looking out for their “new” daughters.

Their life swap might be over, but Romina and Agnés each have a long wish list of exchange destinations (Japan, Australia, and San Francisco, to name a few) and can’t wait to keep traveling.

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