How HomeExchange Changed Your Lives

Not too long ago, Jim Pickell, President of HomeExchange, shared his personal story with you. In it, he revealed how HomeExchange changed his life. Hundreds of you replied with inspiring stories of how it changed yours. Here are a few of them.


“What I love about the HomeExchange concept is how it is intimately connecting strangers across the globe in a mutual bond based on trust. It is bringing special people together who are the forerunners of conscious change. This is so refreshing, given all the fear and isolationism we have in our world. No matter where we live or how different our homes, cultures or looks are, we all share this beautiful Soul of Humanity. This is how we start building a new and better world — through heart connections, service, trust and goodwill.”
Faye, South Africa


Two of our three sons now study hotel and restaurant management thanks to their home exchange experiences. The connections they’ve made helped them discover this new world. Several exchange families hosted them during internships or connected them to restaurants in which they worked.“
Sabine, France


“We were communicating with a couple in Carmel Valley who were coming to Portland for their daughter’s outdoor wedding in a park in the city. The longer we communicated about the exchange, the more the mother of the bride was curious about our home, which is located on three acres next to a 5,000-acre park. When she asked if our home would be an appropriate wedding venue, we responded in the affirmative and offered our outdoor stone patio as the wedding site. Two months later their daughter was married at our home on a glorious sunny day in Portland while we enjoyed their beautiful home in Carmel Valley.”
Joyce and Dennis, USA

“My children, who are now 44, 42 and 33, have grown up on home exchanging. When one of my grandchildren was about 4, he said ‘Grandma, you must be the richest woman in the world!’ When I asked why, he gave me an it-is-so-obvious look and said ‘You own soooo many homes.’ In some ways he was right.”
Cathie, USA


“This past spring our 23-year-old decided that the only way to find a decent job on the business side of the entertainment industry was to move to Los Angeles. We supported this decision but did not want him to commit to a lease until he knew where he would be working. So I wrote a few dozen members and set up three places for him to stay. The best part of this was that a number of people wrote back, even ones that could not swap, saying they are in the entertainment industry and offering to help with connections and interviews! Unbelievable. It was like reaching out to an alumni association.“
Debbie, USA


“We thank HomeExchange, as it has given us some of the best times of our lives. We were thrilled when we had an email from a couple in Adderbury, north of Oxford (England), who wanted their children to experience 12 months in a country school in Australia. While we felt we couldn’t leave for the entire time, we settled on three months and offered a few alternatives. The beautiful village of Adderbury welcomed us with open arms. We were invited to lunches, dinners, restaurant concerts, hikes and day trips.”
Valda and Doug, Australia

“One of our daughters spent two years very ill, which had its strain in our finances. With home exchanges we were still able to take a vacation and bring her to specialists without hotel costs! Our oldest daughter is on the college hunt and we have done college searches by staying in wonderful people’s homes! I feel like a HomeExchange’s number one fan!”
Carol Ann, USA


“We wanted to explore and discover the world, not hotel sites. Our dream became reality when we purchased a modest home in Costa Rica. We then discovered HomeExchange, which opened doors that we never thought possible. This is only the beginning as we have created a bucket list that is unimaginable.”
Daniel, Costa Rica


“Exchanging homes has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. My wife is an introvert whose comfort zone does not extend far (I am the total opposite). At first, she was resistant to the idea of trading places. Now she says it is the only way she’ll travel! It’s enhanced our marriage of 29 years as I never would have imagined.”
Keith, USA


“Two years ago we convinced a friend to come with us on an exchange to Las Vegas. He had lost his wife to cancer in 2011 and was at a very low ebb. On this trip he met a lovely lady from Michigan. After a whirlwind romance, they are getting married in August 2017. Not only has HomeExchange opened up new horizons for my wife and me, just look at what it has done for this young man.”
Ger and Joyce, Ireland

2 Comments on “How HomeExchange Changed Your Lives

  1. Hello from Estes Park Colorado. The last two summers we did are first and second exchanges in Scotland and Ireland respectfully. Two weeks in Scotland and one month in Ireland fulfilled some dreams of ours. Some friends of ours clued us into Home Exchange and we are glad they did. Both exchanges were a hit a hit on both ends and we feel we have made some long distance life long friends. Right now are awaiting what the future may bring. Thanks for everything you do.
    John and Laurie

  2. We started our traveling ventures on Home Exchange in 2014, aFter 17 years of working as a college president, and working 14-16 hour days, I never had the time or extra income to travel, until I discovered HE. I immediately signed up and from then on, we have seen many beautiful places, met some wonderful life-long friends and been able to include our adult children in some of our adventures. This has changed our lives. I recently retired, and I will continue to tell everyone about Home Exchange.

    Diana and Ray, Sarasota Florida

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