Collaborative Consumption and You

You may not know it, but as a Member, you’re part of a movement. A movement towards trust, sharing, increased awareness of the world we live in, eco-friendliness…the list goes on.

You’re doing more than you think. If you’ve swapped homes, borrowed a bike, attended a potluck, used a ride-sharing service, or shared train pass, you’ve contributed to the movement.

That movement is called Collaborative Consumption.

Since 2011, OuiShare has aimed to create a worldwide Collaborative Consumption network of individuals, companies, and public organizations. The goal? A more meaningful, less wasteful society. is thrilled to be participating in OuiShareFest 2014, a three-day conference taking place from May 5th to May 7th, focused on bringing together influencers in the Sharing Economy. We’re partnering alongside companies like Orange, Bla Bla Car, Google, and The Food Assembly to share knowledge, exchange ideas, build awareness, and work towards our shared vision of a collaborative society.

We look forward to sharing insights and updates over the course of the event and invite you to follow along on Twitter with @OuiShareFest, @HomeExchangecom, and @MrHomeExchange, and tell us how you’ve participated in Collaborative Consumption.

Let’s all share together.


Original photo: Moyan Brenn / Creative Commons

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