Tips for a Happy Exchange: Take Great Photos

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Guest Post by Daniel Sánchez Alonso

Daniel Sánchez Alonso is a photographer and longtime fan. Through (’s Spanish site) he has traveled to Denmark, Switzerland, and Oviedo. As a photographer and traveler, Daniel knows how important photos of a house are in catching the attention of other exchangers. He is excited to share some tips for taking ideal photos of your home to help highlight all of its best assets. So, get your camera ready…3, 2, 1, say cheese!

Living Room Home Exchange Photo

Tips for taking highlighting your home in photographs:

Use natural light or lamps, not your camera’s flash. Natural light makes each of the rooms more inviting in photos.

You don’t need a professional camera; with enough light, you can take fantastic photos with a smartphone.

When using a compact camera or DSLR, make sure you hold your camera steady or anchor it on a solid object. A tripod is even a tripod if you have it!

Take photos from the corners of rooms to show the most of each space.

Dining Home Exchange Photo

What’s special about your home? It could be the light shining through the window at breakfast, the views from the balcony at sunset, a beautiful piano, a barbecue, or even open space where you can cook while the rest of the family or friends are sitting at the table. Think about that one special thing in your home and take some extra photos to highlight it.

It’s a great idea to take some outdoor photos too; highlight your garden, patio, or even the view from the window.

Think about what you like to see highlighted in other members’ homes when photographing your own, such as the kitchen, the terrace, the space you have in each room, or the number of beds.

Many members add family photos to their listings. It’s a great little “extra something” that makes your listing even more unique, and introduces you to other Members. Photographs are important, but a personal touch is everything.

About the Author

The AuthorDaniel Sánchez Alonso describes himself as a storyteller. He is a portrait photographer and videographer, and enjoys cooking and baking. He is also a fan of design and typography. Daniel likes to enjoy the local cuisine of each place he travels to. Currently, he discovers the world with his family. You can find him on Twitter and in

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