Fourteen for ’14

Unforgettable Homes For an Unforgettable New Year’s Eve

Let the crowds have their Times Square, London Eye, and Vegas Strip. More room for the rest of us, we say. If this is your year for an off-the-beaten-path New Year’s adventure, we’ve got just the locations for you. Each one of these unique locations has plenty of equally unique exchange homes to choose from, many without a hotel in sight.

1. Iceland’s South Coast


Experience snow on the beach and sweet isolation in this classic home. With the magical Northern Lights filling the night sky, who needs fireworks?

Let’s go!


2. Dominical, Costa Rica


You worked hard this year. Treat yourself to a tropical paradise complete with surfing expeditions, incredible views, and exciting dive trips before diving into next year.

Let’s go!


3. Pont de la Concorde, Paris, France


Okay, so the Eiffel Tower isn’t exactly off the beaten path…unless you happen to be watching the fireworks from the comfort of your very own houseboat.

Let’s go!


4. Matera, Italy


The best way to experience the UNESCO world heritage town of Matera is by toasting the 21st century in the tranquility of your very own 13th century monastery.

Let’s go!


5. Queenstown, New Zealand


If this stunning sunset view of Lake Wakatipu from your deck isn’t quite enough, then how about lying out on the sandy beach or kayaking on the silver water?

Let’s go!


6. Fifteen-meter Sailboat, Greece


How about sailing into 2014 surrounded by the turquoise water of the Mediterranean and the whitewashed villages of Greece? ευτυχισμένο το νέο έτος!

Let’s go!


7. Sunshine Coast, Australia


Ah, winter. Short days, long nights, freezing winds, icy roads…sunny beaches and surfing? Oh, that’s right. It’s summer in Australia!

Let’s go!


8. Phuket, Thailand


You might want to be careful if you’re planning to spend New Year’s Eve on the tropical island of Phuket. You may find yourself so relaxed that you’ll miss the countdown altogether.

Let’s go!


9. Alsace, France


Middle-earth meets the Green Revolution in this ecological Hobbit home in one of France’s most beautiful regions.

Let’s go!


10. São Paulo, Brazil


It’s the morning after. We know…you couldn’t help drinking those last three glasses of Champagne, and you certainly didn’t get to bed early. Good thing you decided to stay on an authentic Brazilian coffee farm!

Let’s go!


11. Normandy, France


The magic of New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to end. Not when you return at the close of the evening to your own fairy tale house, which looks like it could be home to the Seven Dwarfs themselves (or, as the locals say, “les Sept Nains”).

Let’s go!


12. New York, New York


Imagine the sounds of the most exciting night in (arguably) the world’s most exciting city drifting up from the crowded streets below as you enjoy a private party far above the crowds.

Let’s go!


13. Rainforest, Costa Rica


What can we say? We’re betting there aren’t many people who can claim to have spent New Year’s Eve up in a tree.

Let’s go!


14. Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Imagine yourself bobbing off to sleep on gently lapping waters in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities. Well, except for the evening of December 31, when the popping of fireworks might keep you awake!

Let’s go!


Too late to make holiday plans this year? Not to worry. These places aren’t going anywhere, and it’s never too early to start planning for New Year’s Eve 2015!

If you’ve got a minute, we’d love to hear some of your favorite off-the-beaten-path holiday stories in the comment section below.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Naples, Fl. A nice place to visit, as well. Have a two br, two ba, den, two car garage attached house close to downtown Naples. Never exchanged before, but interested in doing so.

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