10×10: One Hundred of the World’s Best Vacation Destinations

Have we got a top 10 list for you.

It’s one thing to enjoy the amenities of private lodging in a beautiful country of your choice. The icing on the cake comes in the form of the culture and activities available. Whether you want to schuss down some of the world’s top mountains, or prefer an afternoon in the Louvre, this ‘best of the best’ list is sure to spark your wanderlust.

Ten categories, ten prime picks each.

Ready? Let’s get going!

Film & Music Festivals

From sunny California in the west to Croatia in the east, or to rollicking Rio, these are the premier stops for throngs of the musically, and culturally, inclined. Whether you’re partial to Beyoncé or Herbie Hancock, or the best of international and independent film, these are the gatherings to consider for your bucket list.

Beer & Spirits

Cape Town
For those of us who appreciate a cold mug of beer, or maybe a smooth sip of something distilled, these are the venues where you will find like-minded souls who imbibe nothing but the best. Oh, there’s wine, too. Don’t worry, with all these options available, your glass will never be dry. And the company you’ll keep may be inclined to spontaneous song!

Sensual, Savory Street Food

street food top 10
After you leave the beer hall, you’ll certainly be looking for something delicious and satisfying to eat. Where else but the street, where today a global street-food movement has brought chefs out of their four- and five-star haunts to bake, braise, grill and toss together amazing concoctions right at the curb. Noodles, sausage, soups and crêpes are at your command. Sodium bicarbonate is optional.

Built for Bicyclists

bike signal
You need not bring your own – instead, visit a city where 20,000 bikes are free for 30 minutes at a time, or take a bicycle elevator to the top of a spectacular hill for a thrilling ride down. There are bike lanes, marked paths and bicycle rentals galore that allow you to get your exercise and see these fine cities in a way that walking alone cannot provide.

The Museums

Museums are magical: just walk through the front door and watch as paintings, sculptures and antiquities jump from the pages of your art books and array themselves right before your very eyes. All you have to do is take your pick – or visit all ten – of the most revered museum cities in the world. In the silence of these halls, you will surely feel your heart rise, and be forever glad you made the trip.

The Halls of Academe

There’s just something about hanging out in a college town. Maybe it’s the laid-back atmosphere where learning is prized as an end in itself, or the stimulation of new ideas in the air mixed with the insouciance of youth. Then there are the bookstores, cafés and other haunts tucked in among shady lanes punctuated by broad plazas. Go back and relive your misspent youth, or be young enough to fall in love for the first time.

Skiing & Snowboarding

The names of these cities are all legendary, evoking the crisp and rarified air that makes winter sport so appealing. Everything about a classical ski vacation awaits you: pleasantly exhausting days on the slopes, gourmet food and wine in the lodge where a vast stone fireplace will warm you, and if you’re lucky, a bearskin rug back at your home exchange.

Destinations By Design

Many examples of the cutting edge of international architectural and interior design are scattered throughout HomeExchange.com to inspire and surprise you. Apartments and homes by both famous and obscure designers are here for you to explore. Compare and contrast the esthetics of these local cultures to your your home country; you are an internationalist!

Most Underrated and Often Surprising Cities

San Juan Islands
Here are places that are not far off the beaten track, but are worlds apart from the ordinary. You may never have heard of a few of these, which means the joy of discovery is within your grasp. Take a chance. Branch out. Feel what it means to have the inside track all to yourself, and maybe even gloat about it to your friends upon your return.

Famous Film & TV Locations

You’ve likely seen the movies and television shows, from James Bond to Braveheart to The Game of Thrones, set in the most stunning of locations all across the globe. Here we name them, along with the big box-office hits that were shot there. Re-trace the steps of Tom Hanks, or climb the verdant hills that hosted The Hobbit. Or, better yet, make yourself the star by hitting them all.

These 100 great travel destinations aren’t going anywhere; so we hope you are. Let HomeExchange.com be your concierge, as we sincerely wish you bon voyage.

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