10 Most Popular Homes in North America for 2017

From a jaw-dropping view of the New York City skyline to the chance to savor the sunset over the San Francisco Bay, the 2017 Top 10 listings for North America offers something for everyone. Dive into the Pacific or work on your Florida tan, now is the chance to explore and start planning your next exchange.

10. Oahu, Hawaii

No list of top North American destinations is complete without the North Shore of Oahu with its world renowned surf and sugar-soft sand beaches. Nestled just a short walk from a truly breathtaking cove and close to all best surf breaks this home is a surfer and beach-lover’s paradise. Very family friendly and well equipped with all the creature comforts of home, this home has only one problem; once you stay there, you won’t want to leave!

9. Sarnia, Canada

Pack your bags and head across the Canadian border where you will find it hard to believe that a place like really exists. The home itself is a breath of fresh air with tastefully modern but functional decor curated by incredibly tidy owners. With crystal clear waters, loads of family-friendly activities and world-class cities a short distance away, it’s no wonder this charming Sarnia home among our most viewed homes.

8. Mendocino, CA

The backdrop for The Majestic and Karate Kid Part II as well as the classic James Dean film East of Eden, Mendocino has long been considered as one of the most idyllic locations in North America. This home combines warmth and coziness of a family cottage while the surrounding natural environment inspires awe from even the most hardened city-dweller. From the deck, you’ll get front row seats to the drama and beauty of nature as the Big River, and the chilly Pacific Ocean waters of Mendocino Bay meet. Crashing waves, cool ocean breeze, and miles from ordinary, it’s no wonder Collin’s Cottage made our list of top homes in 2017.

7. Kappa, Kauai, HI

Welcome to paradise! Palm trees sway, white sand glistens, and the gentle tradewinds are lulling you into an afternoon siesta. This house honestly feels like home; comfortable and inviting, with just the right touch of sophistication and modern convenience. Snorkel, surf, bike, and explore everything that the island of Kauai has to offer.

6. Cocoa Beach, FL

Sun, sand and… are those manatees?! Welcome to Florida! As far as beach towns go, Cocoa Beach is among the world’s best and this home is the perfect place to enjoy it. You can golf, fish, kayak, paddle board, surf, scuba dive, snorkel, swim; the list goes on and on. Or spend your entire Exchange discovering your favorite place to relax and unwind: the pool, the deck, the lanai, the beach, the dock. No matter what you do, you are sure to remember this home when you need to find your “happy place.”

5. Berkeley, CA

If you had the chance to watch the sun slowly set behind the Golden Gate Bridge from the roof of a floating Berkeley home, would you take it? When you Exchange here, that dream can become a reality. This well-equipped three-story houseboat is located in the Berkeley harbor, offering you and three others access to explore the various personalities of the Bay Area. Go wine tasting in Napa Valley, wander along Fisherman’s Wharf or wind down Lombard Street. You might need to prepare yourself for, as the song says, leaving your heart in the San Francisco Bay.

4. New York, NY

We’re going to go out on a limb and say that there is no other place like this. Exquisitely jaw-dropping views of the New York City skyline can be seen through wall-to-wall windows or from the rooftop deck. Every direction you look, you’ll pinch yourself thinking you are looking at a postcard. The only thing that can make the home better would be its owners, Lizette and Arnold. Travelers, adventurers, and world-citizens, they have collected mementos from exotic locations and familiar places alike, all with their unique story. Visit Roosevelt Island and bring home your own unique Exchange story, the tramway is waiting for you.

3. San Diego, California

Every detail, from the inlaid stone floors to the expertly selected accent pieces, make this home a showstopper. Luxury and class with a classically relaxed Southern California attitude. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s just a taste of what Exchange Partners had to say: “We were overwhelmed by the beauty of the home… but were still able to feel relaxed and comfortable. The home reflects the warmth and friendliness of the owners.” “The house is even more gorgeous in person than it is online. We enjoyed looking around the house as the beauty of even extends outdoors.” If the home itself was not magnificent enough, the year-round perfect weather and plethora of activities make this home among our top picks.

2. Tucson, Arizona, United States of America

Surrounded by five mountain ranges, it is easy to see why the views of this Tucson home have inspired so many Members to take a look. You are sure to find yourself dreaming of having a glass of wine as you look out over the infinity pool and the city beyond. Exchange with confidence as Judy and her family are experts who have swapped homes over 15 times.

1. Brooklyn, New York, United States of America

Modern and chic are understatements when used to describe this home and its surrounding neighborhood. You’ll be dazzled by the cathedral ceilings and stunning views. Located in the hip DUMBO district, this luxurious home has everything the city dweller dreams of. Plus, the location is ideal as access to all the sights are just a subway or ferry ride away.

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