So these are 10 of the most beautiful lakes in the world. From Canada to Patagonia and from Iceland to Italy, they all offer breathtaking sceneries and are worthy of being on your bucket list.


By Hollee Thornton About a year ago my youngest brother (and the baby of the family) got married. It had been 10 years since the last family wedding and it was a great excuse for my family to gather from all parts of the globe and head to San Diego for an epic wedding weekend. While I am originally from the States, I live in Luzern Switzerland. I knew that if I was flying half way around the world I did not want to stay for just a…


Palm trees, beaches, hipsters and Hollywood! Who wouldn’t want to be in Los Angeles, California?
The truth is that Angelenos (the people who live in L.A.) sometimes do want to travel somewhere else. And people who live somewhere else want to be in L.A. Thankfully, it all works out in the world of HomeExchange.


Los Angeles is described by its natives as not one city but rather a collection of neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has it’s unique flavor and unique gifts.


Earth Day, celebrated worldwide each year on April 22, reminds us all that we are invited guests of our planet. On HomeExchange, however, every day is Earth Day for the many members who have converted to or built eco-friendly homes. On every continent and with remarkable diversity and creativity, home exchangers are at the forefront of efforts to champion sustainable living. They employ a variety of means: electricity generated by photovoltaic systems; solar water heaters; renewable building materials such as bamboo, red cedar and other natural products; rainwater…


Find Your Perfect Bliss “On the beach, you can live in bliss.” Dennis Wilson, Co-Founder, the Beach Boys For many, there’s no more soul-satisfying place to get “blissed” than the beach. The sensual rhythms are transformative: water lapping the shore; breezes strumming bare skin; sun beating gently on closed eyelids. Where, then, to achieve such an ideal state of mind? Here are 10 uniquely stunning beaches. Find your perfect bliss!


Around the world in 11 ways. From Brazil to Zanzibar via Nantucket, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and beyond, here are some of the most spectacular Listings where living like a local takes you to a whole new level of discovery.


“Winter is Coming” – Time to wax your skis and snowboards, fellow wintjsphuorts enthusiasts. Our HomeExchange.com team has picked out seven lovely homes near or in ski resort areas that will appeal to everyone. Jacuzzis, beautiful views, ski in – ski out, you name it, we’ve got it. Stay on a Home Exchange and stretch your skiing budget. 1. Luxury Chalet in Charming Saas Fee, Switzerland

Hard to describe the amazing green lushness of Akaka Falls State Park. A must see on the east side of the Big Island.Marcus R. Donner © 2015

Meet Home Exchange members, Peg and Marcus, who recently spent time a little off the beaten path, away from the crowds on Hawaii’s Big Island!   We’re Peg and Marcus and we live in Seattle, Washington. We joined HomeExchange last fall. After having our listing up for only one month, we were contacted by Amy and Doug from Hilo, Hawaii about doing an exchange in July. We thought, we’ve never been to the Big Island, why not? After setting up our exchange and buying our plane tickets, we…