The popular image of 20-something back-packers traveling the world on pocket change and wanderlust alone has given way to a new reality: older or retired travelers with freedom, and disposable income, who have decided it’s time to boldly live their dreams. Meet Tony, an experienced exchanger from Blackburn, England. He shares his testimonial and approach to Home Exchange. Why Home Exchange Having retired in 2007 my wife and I decided that we were going to travel. Not SKI (Spending the Kids Inheritance) but fritter it away. We had met a lovely couple…


Earth Day, celebrated worldwide each year on April 22, reminds us all that we are invited guests of our planet. On HomeExchange, however, every day is Earth Day for the many members who have converted to or built eco-friendly homes. On every continent and with remarkable diversity and creativity, home exchangers are at the forefront of efforts to champion sustainable living. They employ a variety of means: electricity generated by photovoltaic systems; solar water heaters; renewable building materials such as bamboo, red cedar and other natural products; rainwater…


Plan Your own DIY UK Holiday For those looking to do something a little different whilst on their home exchange in the UK, this is the perfect resource, and because you’ll be on your holidays, no top hat or evening gown required! As Carson closed the door on Downton Abbey for one last time, fans across the world were left wondering what to do with their evenings in. In honour of this, have put together the ultimate guide to Downton Abbey filming locations, with a map that marks over 70 locations.


New places can tug at our hearts in different ways, renewing our senses. Sometimes all you need is a weekend. Would you like to get away, even just for a weekend? You’ll imagine new sights and sounds around every corner. Sometimes just a few days are enough to leave you marveling that you stepped away from your everyday life for such a short time but found yourself thoroughly refreshed. New places can tug at our hearts in different ways, renewing our senses and expanding our experience. Sometimes all…

Fancy a trip to Paradise? Need a Spa break? Check out our top ten most interestingly-named exchange cities. 1. For those who want it all – Paradise, Nevada, USA 2. When you’ve got marriage on the mind – Wedding, Germany

tour de france

It might be too late to travel to the 2014 Olympic games, but there are still plenty of exciting world sporting events coming up!