For some, an expansive abode will always be the ultimate dream house. But for an increasing number of both singles and families, the dream is now to live with less, and experience more.  A generation of retirees first led the charge, dumping decades of clutter and deciding to instead focus on memories: those of the past, and those to come. As urban centers explode beyond their original planned borders, millennials stake claim on tiny flats near public transport, conveniences and work. Environmentally conscious folk pick smaller digs purposely…

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Post by Rosemary Kneipp, When we first started to home exchange three years ago, it all seemed very easy. As time went on, we began to find it difficult to find what we wanted. There seem to be several reasons. Number of offers varies with the country First, all countries are not equal when it comes to home exchange. Let’s take a look at the figures. has 65,000 members, including 29,900 in Europe, 17,500 in the US, 9,400 in France (including 2,500 in and around Paris), 3,900…

We all know that doing a home exchange is a great idea, but we also know that sharing your home for the first time can be scary. That is true for almost everything we do for the first time in life. The keys to overcome this apprehension are knowledge, preparation and experience. With over 1 million successful, happy home swaps since launching in 1992, we have learned a few tried and true tips to address your concerns.

I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. Take a holiday on me for two weeks. Any holiday, halfway up a mountain, fully stretched on a beach, or anything in between. Off you go, you and your chosen companions.

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So you’ve arranged your very first home exchange. Congrats! You are on your way to living like a local. Here are some tips for preparing your home.

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Pet exchange is an option you can select when searching for your next swap. members care for each other’s dogs, cats, even chickens!