My favourite New Year message for 2014 came from my brother, David. RISK more than others think is safe CARE more than others think is wise DREAM more than others think is practical EXPECT more than others think is possible. I love it and couldn’t help wondering to myself how to apply his thoughts to us home exchangers. Let’s take the first rule: Risk more than others think is safe. I have an idea that we all do this already; it’s what instantly separates us from the others. What…

Home Exchange Sicily Postcard

Greetings from beautiful Sicily! We are so happy that the international team has come together for our annual meeting. It’s wonderful to see old friends and new faces.

If you’re beginning to ask yourself, ‘does she think of anything except what’s for dinner?’ I totally understand. Travelling around the world has made me an unashamed foodie and Sicily is the perfect place to indulge in my hobby. So, although we enjoyed catering for ourselves in our own home from home, we had to try authentic Sicilian cucina, which is famous for its spicy, Arabic undertones.

So where were we? Avid readers will remember our pals from day one who took us by the hand (sometimes literally) and guided us into our new Sicilian life. aromatic sesame bread, still hot from the oven and baskets of fat, green grapes, so sweet they tasted of liquid honey Judith and I were