As more and more travelers seek out unique New York (say that 10 times fast!), they’re looking to make memories more exciting than any tourist souvenir. You may already be living like a Big Apple local through HomeExchange, but how else can you get a feel for city living? There’s no need to splurge. New York City can definitely be a costly place to visit, but there are lots of price‑conscious ways to take it all in that definitely count as money well spent! Here are 10:


Upon exiting Grand Central Terminal in New York City, even the most seasoned urban traveler may face a moment of panic. A short walk to the west, flashing marquees advertise the hottest Broadway shows glare on thousands of people packing the streets. The air is choked with car exhaust. You may feel like you too should be wearing black and in a terrible hurry. Fear not! Even in this metropolitan beehive there are pocket neighborhoods for every taste and style. Here’s how to find you find your niche and navigate the streets of Manhattan like…

It might be too late to travel to the 2014 Olympic games, but there are still plenty of exciting world sporting events coming up!


From throwing televisions to wearing lucky underpants, there are some pretty interesting ways to celebrate the new year all around the world!