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Little did she think when she dropped the first letter into the post box offering their house for exchange that this was a process she was destined to repeat many times over the next thirty years! Meet Irene, from Scotland.

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12 months, 31 States, 11 National Parks, 11 Home Exchanges and one extraordinary adventure. Meet Roz and Steve, who completed an amazing roadtrip in USA.

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They have different ways of seeing the world, but they all have in common one same way to explore it: through HomeExchange! It’s our pleasure to share these 14 amazing bloggers who love to travel by exchanging their home. We invite you to e-meet them and discover their blogs!

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We enjoyed a wonderful home exchange for two weeks with a nice family from a suburb north of Sydney. They wanted to go skiing in Colorado – we wanted warm weather and Aussie adventure.
We knew we would love Sydney, but many things surprised us – in a good way!


The time leading up to a very first home exchange is always filled with excitement. And also, sometimes, worry. These HomeExchangers share memories of their first times — the hesitations and doubts — and how they came away convinced and enthusiastic for more!


Sometimes one half of a couple has to convince the other half about the wisdom of home exchange. Here are some testimonials from HomeExchange members about what it took to convince their skeptical partners. And the very happy results.


Arranging your first home exchange is exciting, but some old habits and concerns die hard, even as new ones are being born. These six reminders from recent first-time HomeExchangers help put important first-time experiences into context. Reminder: You’re Saving Money HomeExchange makes it possible to visit places you might not otherwise believe you can afford. Open your mind to new possibilities, especially those that are old set-aside dreams.


Happy 2017! We hope that you celebrated New Year’s with style. Some of you did it in HomeExchange style, while in a home away from home and experiencing the festive culture of a new place. Here’s a glimpse of what’s possible. Where were you on New Year’s Eve? Maybe you celebrated with family or friends. Perhaps you stayed home, sipped champagne in the living room of a neighbor, or traveled across town to a midnight ball. We heard from some HomeExchangers who traveled even further: to distant places…


We joined in July of 2015 and by November, we’d made plans with Cora and Hans, a lovely couple from den Haag who loved country music and couldn’t wait to discover Nashville. Since my husband Justin had never been out of the country and I was itching to get back to Europe, we were open to almost any location, and this one seemed kind of perfect. Cora and Hans seemed super friendly, my family has friends in the Netherlands, and my husband’s whole family is Dutch. Plus,…