There are few places on Earth as uniquely compelling as the “Land of Fire and Ice.” Discover why Iceland is a favorite destination for a growing number of HomeExchange members.

What if I were to tell you that you could go on vacation to King’s Landing, Dorne or North of the Wall? That you could walk in the footsteps of the Mother of Dragons or the King in the North? Or that you could take a holiday break in some of your favourite spots in the Seven Kingdoms, Beyond the Wall or the Free Cities? For fans of a Game of Thrones, here’s some great inspiration.

So these are 10 of the most beautiful lakes in the world. From Canada to Patagonia and from Iceland to Italy, they all offer breathtaking sceneries and are worthy of being on your bucket list.

By Peg Cheng and Marcus Donner, HomeExchangers Our dream came true this summer when we had the chance to spend three whole weeks in Iceland. Through the awesomeness that is HomeExchange, we swapped our townhouse and car in Seattle, Washington for Pétur and Ólöf’s apartment and truck in Reykjavík, Iceland, cutting our travel expenses by more than half. Not paying for housing or a car allowed us to stay for almost a month, which was plenty of time to absorb all that this magical island had to offer….

When most vacationers think of beach vacations, they think warm, sunny, and tropical – maybe Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, the south of France, the Greek isles. Those are all great places, but here are 5 beach areas that we highly recommend for non-traditional reasons.

Find Your Perfect Bliss “On the beach, you can live in bliss.” Dennis Wilson, Co-Founder, the Beach Boys For many, there’s no more soul-satisfying place to get “blissed” than the beach. The sensual rhythms are transformative: water lapping the shore; breezes strumming bare skin; sun beating gently on closed eyelids. Where, then, to achieve such an ideal state of mind? Here are 10 uniquely stunning beaches. Find your perfect bliss!