101 best travel tools you need in 2016

HomeExchange.com get’s selected as one of the top travel tools for 2016 in The Huffington Post. 101 best travel tools you need in 2016.

a month of giving home exchange

This December, on our Home Exchange Facebook Page we’ll be celebrating the season with a month of giving. Give a membership, get a membership. Tell us about someone who deserves the gift of Home Exchange.

I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. Take a holiday on me for two weeks. Any holiday, halfway up a mountain, fully stretched on a beach, or anything in between. Off you go, you and your chosen companions.

Meet Max, a travel blogger from Spain who made his dream of living on a houseboat a reality with Home Exchange!

1. You can walk through your house with your eyes closed and not bump into anything. 2. You love your town so much, you think everyone should live there. 3. You’re thinking about moving, but want to try before you buy. 4. You’ve always dreamed of roughing it, but don’t actually want to sleep in a tent. 5. You’ve always dreamed of being a gourmet chef, but don’t actually want to go to culinary school. 6. You really want to see how much of your high school Spanish class…

Home Exchange Sicily Postcard

Greetings from beautiful Sicily! We are so happy that the international HomeExchange.com team has come together for our annual meeting. It’s wonderful to see old friends and new faces.

Offer me a castle in Spain, a mansion in Monaco, an apartment in Paris and no dice. Leave London in June? But it’s the season!

London is home to some of the most beautiful, well-preserved parks and gardens in the world. Here are just a few can’t-miss spots.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any girl in love with Jane Austen’s novels must visit Bath at least once in her life. Ok, so that’s not quite the famous classic quote that opens “Pride and Prejudice”, but it’s true nonetheless.