This is a fact: Greece is one of the most child-friendly holiday destinations on the planet. Guest Post by Maria Giannouli, from KidsLoveGreece.com

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To get to know Greece a little better, we asked our Greek representative, Ioanna, to give us the inside scoop on her home country. This is Greece: Unlocked! How to say hello: Kalimera (literally good morning, but is also used as hello) or Yia sou (which means health to you) How to say goodbye: Adio or Ya! How to say thank you: Efharisto! Currency used: Euro (at least for now…)   Photo by Ester via Flickr CC

Antiparos feat.

Guest post by Renia Tsitsibikou This little island in the Cyclades is only 17 square miles, but it packs enough beauty for a whole trip. In fact, you might spot Tom Hanks strolling on the beach; he owns a house here! Surely he would agree with these 10 reasons to love Antiparos and visit over and over again. Of course, not every little secret is shared here. You have to be surprised when you get there, no? Enjoy! 1. I love Antiparos because it is the “rival” of…

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Imagine HomeExchange.com’s most popular listing. What do see? A castle in France? A Tuscan villa? The reality might surprise you. HomeExchange.com’s top ten most viewed listings actually come in every shape and size, and from all corners of the world. The one thing they all have in common? Each has received around 44,000 views. Let’s go! 1. Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands Dreaming of a tropical escape? Look no further than this 3-bedroom home located in the exclusive Grace Bay Club. Step outside and you’ll find yourself on the…

We’re celebrating the Olympics all month long, and what better way to start than taking a tour of Greece – by the numbers.