The time leading up to a very first home exchange is always filled with excitement. And also, sometimes, worry. These HomeExchangers share memories of their first times — the hesitations and doubts — and how they came away convinced and enthusiastic for more!

“Home Exchanging sounds pretty great. How can I exchange my home?” If this thought has ever crossed your mind, you’re not alone!

Happy Home Exchange

You’ve prepared your home and now you’re on your way to your very first home exchange. Here some tips and etiquette for what to do when you’ve reached your destination.

Happy HomeExchange

So you’ve arranged your very first home exchange. Congrats! You are on your way to living like a local. Here are some tips for preparing your home.

sleeping pup

Pet exchange is an option you can select when searching for your next swap. members care for each other’s dogs, cats, even chickens! doors

Q: Would anyone really want to stay in MY house/apartment/flat/boat?
A: The short answer is YES!