The nights are drawing in, there’s a chill in the air, and your winter woollies are being dug out in preparation for the weather ahead! While some of us may love this season, others wish they could extend the summer temperatures we enjoyed this year! October half term is almost upon us, which means we have another opportunity for a getaway! Yes, it may be last minute, but isn’t the excitement of being spontaneous so tempting? Whether you want to wrap up here in the UK, or you…

100% Response Rates

As an experienced HomeExchanger, you know how exciting it is when you get a response to an Exchange Enquiry. Even if that response is a simple “Sorry, not at this time,” it is nice to know that someone has taken a moment to give your request serious consideration. But what does that magic Response Rate number really mean? Why should you aim for a high Response Rate? It increases your search presence It lets other Members know that you are more likely to answer their enquiries in a…

It’s that time of year when we can, at last, emerge from hibernation! Winter is behind us and the great outdoors becomes so much more appealing.  It’s getting warmer, greener and we have longer brighter days at long last. The UK is far more appealing at this time of year and has so much to offer. If you haven’t planned something already, this is often a time when we start getting itchy feet for another exchange and what better than to explore your own country. To help with…

Considering a family vacation in the New Year, but unsure about when and where to go? Here are 10 destinations to set your wheels turning

Learning about the Australian flag on the Sunshine Coast

How to handle a child’s education while traveling is commonly cited by parents as an impediment to long-term travel. It doesn’t need to be. Don’t let education options intimidate you; if you can survive traveling with your kids, you can survive schooling them, as well. The first step is knowing what’s possible. Once you investigate, you may be surprised about how many options you have.

Traveling families face many challenges during the holidays. Here are 10 tips to keep spirits bright, safe and sane this busy travel season.

Meet Krupa and Varun, a wanderlust couple from Miami who allow the HomeExchange inquiries decide their travel destinations for them. Paris, St John’s, Barcelona and Buenos Aires!

Andrés, Ingrid and their three kids, aka El Vuelo de Apis, have embarked on a trip of a lifetime: a year-long family tour around South America. And they’re taking part in 60 home exchanges along the way.

HomeExchange is a fun‑loving global family — which is why, for almost a decade, we’ve gathered our entire team (and THEIR families) for a week‑long team‑building and strategy retreat. Each July, we come together from all around the world to reconnect, recharge and reenergize — in an exceptional locale, of course!