By Paige Bradley Frost As an American family living in Paris – with ties to both US coasts – we make it a point to visit “home” at least once a year. But it didn’t take long to realize that the cost of international airfare (especially to California) was going to put swank hotels and vacation rentals out of reach. Extended stays with family and friends weren’t always feasible. Enter the solution:

As an American expat living in Norway for 21 years, Tanya has experienced the truth of the statement “you can’t go home again.” 11 years ago, she discovered how using could get her home to her family in her native California much more often.

Do you remember, or can you imagine, that moment when your daughter, despite being taller than you are, often wiser than you are and probably brighter than you are is still your baby, announces that she is to have a baby of her own? For us, sitting there in London, Skyping our daughter, Kami and son-in-law, Luis 12000 miles away in Perth Western Australia it was as if they’d turned our world upside down. Which I suppose they had. Literally. We are talking about Down Under after all….