We’ve asked many HomeExchangers; “what do you do to get ready for a home exchange?” and compiled their answers in a comprehensive list of tips, tricks, and downright good sense suggestions. From supplies to safety tips, we are happy to present our 2017 HomeExchange Ready checklist.

It’s your first time on HomeExchange.com, so you naturally navigate to our interactive map where you can search from over 65,000 world-spanning listings. What do you search for? If you’re like some users, you skip “Paris” or “New York City” and you put in your own home town. What you find may surprise you.

It’s good to be prepared whenever you’re traveling to a new location. Fortunately for those going on a home exchange, the packing list is sure to be less cumbersome. Not only that, your exchange partner can be very helpful on what to expect and what is already available. Check out what HomeExchange members have been able to leave off their packing list.

Happy HomeExchangers Share Their Best-Evers!

Warm and friendly people, gorgeous locations, thrilling experiences (including the marriage of two HomeExchange Members!), and unforgettable memories. These are what make for “favorite exchanges.” Here are stories from some happy home exchangers about their best-evers…so far.

“Home Exchanging sounds pretty great. How can I exchange my home?” If this thought has ever crossed your mind, you’re not alone!