100% Response Rates

As an experienced HomeExchanger, you know how exciting it is when you get a response to an Exchange Enquiry. Even if that response is a simple “Sorry, not at this time,” it is nice to know that someone has taken a moment to give your request serious consideration. But what does that magic Response Rate number really mean? Why should you aim for a high Response Rate? It increases your search presence It lets other Members know that you are more likely to answer their enquiries in a…

New members are always joining HomeExchange. Bring with them an exciting new assortment of homes. Here are some reasons why you should bookmark and review our New Listings Collection today. Every day, brand new HomeExchange members add their homes to the 65,000+ listings across more than 150 countries. These new homes can be easily found in the New Listings Collection, which is automatically updated to include all listings that have been added in the last 30 days. That number regularly exceeds 2,000 listings from all over the world!

We’ve asked many HomeExchangers; “what do you do to get ready for a home exchange?” and compiled their answers in a comprehensive list of tips, tricks, and downright good sense suggestions. From supplies to safety tips, we are happy to present our 2017 HomeExchange Ready checklist.

It’s your first time on HomeExchange.com, so you naturally navigate to our interactive map where you can search from over 65,000 world-spanning listings. What do you search for? If you’re like some users, you skip “Paris” or “New York City” and you put in your own home town. What you find may surprise you.

It’s good to be prepared whenever you’re traveling to a new location. Fortunately for those going on a home exchange, the packing list is sure to be less cumbersome. Not only that, your exchange partner can be very helpful on what to expect and what is already available. Check out what HomeExchange members have been able to leave off their packing list.

Ever thought about taking a long trip made up of multiple exchanges? Here’s advice from one HomeExchange couple who just embarked on a five-month, three-country, 12-exchange journey! They say you’re only limited by your imagination.

If you have experienced the pleasure of a home exchange, you know how exciting it is and how you want to do more. So… why not schedule several home exchanges in a row for a longer, unforgettable trip? It may seem daunting to organize, but with these tips you’re only limited by your imagination!

Sometimes one half of a couple has to convince the other half about the wisdom of home exchange. Here are some testimonials from HomeExchange members about what it took to convince their skeptical partners. And the very happy results.

Arranging your first home exchange is exciting, but some old habits and concerns die hard, even as new ones are being born. These six reminders from recent first-time HomeExchangers help put important first-time experiences into context. Reminder: You’re Saving Money HomeExchange makes it possible to visit places you might not otherwise believe you can afford. Open your mind to new possibilities, especially those that are old set-aside dreams.

It’s true that welcoming in perfect strangers would be reason for unease; however, by the time a home exchange is arranged, you’re putting trust in friends, not unknown people.