“The first thing I do when I arrive at a new exchange home: Visit the house and the neighborhood. Then I find a market and do the food shopping so that I feel at home.” Mirey, Istanbul, Turkey
Market shopping – having the time to peruse and appreciate local goods – is one of the great charms of staying in an exchange home. Here is a handful of the world’s revered markets most beloved by HomeExchange Members.

Feast your eyes on cuisine from around the world, provided by top foodie bloggers and chefs from our website who agreed to share their secrets (shhh…) with our community. Everybody knows that one of the great delights of home exchanging is that you will have access to a full kitchen while you travel. This allows you to visit farmers markets to explore the local produce, meats and cuisine for a truly authentic dining experience. To help you figure out what to do with those fresh ingredients, here is an array…

tartiflette and salad

Guest post by Caro Blackwell HomeExchange.com member and foodie Caro shares her recipe for authentic tartiflette. Just try to make it through this post without your mouth watering! “We joined HomeExchange.com just over a year ago and have had many wonderful offers of beautiful places to visit all around the world. We will be taking our first exchange this Christmas and New Year with a lovely family from South Africa who want to come and discover the French Alps in the winter and enjoy some time on the…

An amazing Mexican meal

If you are excited by the prospect of trying new dishes and flavours, eating ‘like a local’ is one of the very best things about Home Exchange. Here are our top 5 tips on getting the most out of your culinary experiences as you travel.