The Sharing Economy is a favorite talking point in many travel circles, especially as sharing homes, cars, and meals through companies like, Uber, and EatWith grows in popularity and reach. The Climate Change Conference in Paris is a helpful reminder that this “collaborative consumption” movement, which helps find more productive uses for underutilized assets, is having a transformative effect on travelers’ wallets and minds, as well as the environment. This movement is a key and growing component of sustainable tourism. Here’s how: The Sharing Economy… 1. Reduces…

Dawn has started offering tours around her neighborhood to folks whose home exchange offers she can’t accept. She calls it ‘home town tour swapping’.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy local and authentic cuisine while traveling, and we have two more ways to eat local, support the community and get to know the farmers and producers. The best part is these services can also be used when you’re at home. It’s all about Collaborative Consumption (#collcons), and to better understand this movement, two of our Home Exchange team members tried FoodAssembly and EatWith.  

You might think that home exchanging is a new concept, but did you know that has been around since 1992? Check out this quick history of home swapping!

There’s a big world of home sharing out there. To help you sort it out, we’ve created this handy infographic!