When most vacationers think of beach vacations, they think warm, sunny, and tropical – maybe Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, the south of France, the Greek isles. Those are all great places, but here are 5 beach areas that we highly recommend for non-traditional reasons.

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New York, Paris, London… they’re all must-visit locations, to be sure. But venture off the beaten path and you’ll find equally amazing, totally underrated destinations worthy of a vacation all their own. 1. Maastricht, Netherlands photo credit: Lightmash via photopin cc While not as well known as Amsterdam or The Hague, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this historic city. You can explore it entirely on foot, which might be just what you need after dining at one of the Michelin-starred restaurants.   2. Durango, Colorado, USA photo credit: gunnyrat via photopin…

Fancy a trip to Paradise? Need a Spa break? Check out our top ten most interestingly-named exchange cities. 1. For those who want it all – Paradise, Nevada, USA 2. When you’ve got marriage on the mind – Wedding, Germany

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Traditional restaurants can be wonderful, but when you need a quick, authentic (and sometimes adventurous) bite, nothing beats grab-and-go street food. Check out our picks for the top 10 street food cities worldwide!   1. Istanbul, Turkey Flickr: roboppy / Creative Commons What to try: börek (flaky pastry), simit (sesame bread), kumpir (stuffed baked potatoes), and döner (pita sandwiches filled with shaved meat and toppings).   2. Berlin, Germany Flickr: muckster / Creative Commons What to try: currywurst (fried sausage covered in curry ketchup), fresh pretzels filled with butter. Bonus: in Berlin,…