Australia is famous for its unique, varied, and sometimes dangerous wildlife. During our five-month trip down under, we have been fortunate to witness an incredible display. We were thrilled to spend time with kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, wombats and all their cuddly marsupial relatives, but we were also blown away by all the animals that we had never heard of before… and you don’t have to go to a zoo or a wildlife sanctuary to see them! Be careful on the road, especially at dawn and dusk – the wildlife warning signs are not just for show. We had several near hits and many mornings there was sad evidence on the road that someone else did hit.

Leaving glorious New Zealand (45 days of awesome) would have been brutal if we didn’t have so much more to look forward to on our five-month (12 home exchange) adventure, including Tasmania! – Devils, wallabies, eye-popping art, islands off islands, coastline beauty and a wonderful home exchange. Our Tasmanian home was a lovely, comfortable (100+ years old Federation style, beautifully remodeled & decorated), and our hosts Ingrid and Michael were funny, warm and welcoming, and full of advice about Tasmania. We felt like they really went above and…

We enjoyed a wonderful home exchange for two weeks with a nice family from a suburb north of Sydney. They wanted to go skiing in Colorado – we wanted warm weather and Aussie adventure.
We knew we would love Sydney, but many things surprised us – in a good way!

tom sheila down under

Tom and Sheila (aka Romancing the Globe) are about to embark on a trip of a lifetime. A five-month, twelve home exchange adventure to explore New Zealand, Australia and Fiji! Have you been Down Under? Is Australia, New Zealand or Fiji on your bucket list? They are on ours! We’ve dreamed of diving the Great Barrier Reef, wandering the lands of The Lord of The Rings, and exploring the rainforests and reefs, plus seeing koalas, kangaroos, penguins and Tasmanian devils. Our five-month, twelve home exchange adventure begins in just a few weeks!! Don’t…

What happens when an Australian family exchanges homes with a Finnish family for the Christmas holiday? It’s a swap of sand and surf for snow and ice, and vice versa, and insight into very different ways of life.

Meet Kirsten and Ellen, good friends from Copenhaguen and both freelance translators. They got two home exchanges almost for the same dates: Kirsten to Montreal and Ellen to Sydney. Since it was Kirsten’s first exchange, they decided to keep correspondence during their trips …And here’s their funny and entertaining result!

When Magalie (aka Petite Planète) and her partner, who live in a 48-square-meter flat in Paris, received an exchange request with a large and beautiful house in Australia, they just couldn’t believe it was real. When two couples exchange their homes and their lifestyles, here is what happens. “One day, we received this home exchange offer. A mistake?”

What began as a whimsical experiment to see if anyone would want to stay in the small town of Forres in Northeast Scotland transformed into the trip of a lifetime. 19 back-to-back exchanges within 6 months. Elspeth and James tell us all about it.

Earth Day, celebrated worldwide each year on April 22, reminds us all that we are invited guests of our planet. On HomeExchange, however, every day is Earth Day for the many members who have converted to or built eco-friendly homes. On every continent and with remarkable diversity and creativity, home exchangers are at the forefront of efforts to champion sustainable living. They employ a variety of means: electricity generated by photovoltaic systems; solar water heaters; renewable building materials such as bamboo, red cedar and other natural products; rainwater…