Meet Kirsten and Ellen, good friends from Copenhaguen and both freelance translators. They got two home exchanges almost for the same dates: Kirsten to Montreal and Ellen to Sydney. Since it was Kirsten’s first exchange, they decided to keep correspondence during their trips …And here’s their funny and entertaining result!


When Magalie (aka Petite Planète) and her partner, who live in a 48-square-meter flat in Paris, received an exchange request with a large and beautiful house in Australia, they just couldn’t believe it was real. When two couples exchange their homes and their lifestyles, here is what happens. “One day, we received this home exchange offer. A mistake?”


What began as a whimsical experiment to see if anyone would want to stay in the small town of Forres in Northeast Scotland transformed into the trip of a lifetime. 19 back-to-back exchanges within 6 months. Elspeth and James tell us all about it.


Earth Day, celebrated worldwide each year on April 22, reminds us all that we are invited guests of our planet. On HomeExchange, however, every day is Earth Day for the many members who have converted to or built eco-friendly homes. On every continent and with remarkable diversity and creativity, home exchangers are at the forefront of efforts to champion sustainable living. They employ a variety of means: electricity generated by photovoltaic systems; solar water heaters; renewable building materials such as bamboo, red cedar and other natural products; rainwater…


Find Your Perfect Bliss “On the beach, you can live in bliss.” Dennis Wilson, Co-Founder, the Beach Boys For many, there’s no more soul-satisfying place to get “blissed” than the beach. The sensual rhythms are transformative: water lapping the shore; breezes strumming bare skin; sun beating gently on closed eyelids. Where, then, to achieve such an ideal state of mind? Here are 10 uniquely stunning beaches. Find your perfect bliss!


By HomeExchange Team Member, Yvette Wang “Life is too short to drink heinous wine.” Do you love wine? Do you consider yourself a casual drinker or a connoisseur perhaps? A good glass of wine can put a smile on your face, and a great wine will make you get up and dance (it has happened to me). Do you know what can make that glass of great wine even better? Personalize it. Travel to where the wine is made and meet the people who have dedicated themselves to…

Top 5 Diving

Seas and oceans cover three-fourths of our planet, but most people don’t know what is hidden under all that water. Scuba diving reveals a new dimension of our blue planet, giving us an amazingly intimate look at the aquatic life that surrounds us. Here are 5 incredible places where you can dive more and spend less with!


Some of the best places Down Under aren’t anywhere near the major tourist hubs. Australia is home to some of the best beaches and most iconic landmarks in the world, making it a travel haven for tourists. However, locals will tell you that some of the best places Down Under aren’t anywhere near the major tourist hubs. Not to worry, HomeExchange has properties all over the country that have something unique to offer. Here are 5 lesser-known destination spots that will be perfect for your weekend getaway. Phillip…

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New York, Paris, London… they’re all must-visit locations, to be sure. But venture off the beaten path and you’ll find equally amazing, totally underrated destinations worthy of a vacation all their own. 1. Maastricht, Netherlands photo credit: Lightmash via photopin cc While not as well known as Amsterdam or The Hague, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this historic city. You can explore it entirely on foot, which might be just what you need after dining at one of the Michelin-starred restaurants.   2. Durango, Colorado, USA photo credit: gunnyrat via photopin…