When we retired and returned to Canada, we originally wondered if our small island town would provide year-round interest to other home exchangers. We also wondered if exchanging homes would suit our revised travel needs. While we wanted to continue seeing the world, we also wanted to explore places closer to home. We could no longer tack on a personal jaunt to business travel that coincided with an official holiday. In addition, our vacation budget had become significantly tighter.

I was sitting in front of my screen, browsing through some of the options that Home Exchange can offer. A condo in San Paulo, an atelier in Paris, a gorgeous apartment overlooking the sea in San Diego when a second niece twice removed entered my atmosphere. “Hello Aunt, “ she said (don’t like Aunt) armchair travelling again?

The thing about retirement dreams is that sometimes they change after you get to retirement for real. Luckily HomeExchange.com can help with that.

The popular image of 20-something back-packers traveling the world on pocket change and wanderlust alone has given way to a new reality: older or retired travelers with freedom, and disposable income, who have decided it’s time to boldly live their dreams.

Believe it or not, there is a group of people on HomeExchange.com who hold the secret to getting away fast. There is one thing we all have in common. We want to go on vacation, have adventures, meet new people and save money. HomeExchange.com makes it easy for all ages- take a look at some of our member’s favorite experiences.