Going “Off the Beaten Path” with Home Exchange

By Hannah and Chris of Love, Play, Work

Other overseas visitors might find themselves attracted to more obvious tourist destinations, but through doing exchanges we have found ourselves staying in amazing places a little more off the beaten path. These destinations have included a beautiful house in the suburbs of Quebec City, a wonderful townhouse overlooking Salt Lake City, and a beach front apartment on the Gold Coast.

Enjoying Palm Desert

This week we are in Palm Desert, California. Not far from the more readily recognized Palm Springs, Palm Desert has a charm of its own and one which is probably overlooked by many visitors. But what exactly are the benefits of going off the beaten track and visiting places that may not have stood out to you before?

The secrets of Sun River

A couple of weeks ago a friend came to visit us at our home exchange in Sun River, Central Oregon. A resident of Portland, he has fond memories of vacations in Sun River. However, despite having visited the area at least once a year for most of his childhood, he had never been to a lot of the places we’ve discovered in the last few weeks.

‘Locals only’ know-how

One of the hugely under-estimated benefits of home exchanging is that ‘locals only’ knowledge that you won’t find in guidebooks. Your exchange partners may leave details of these little known secrets in their welcome information, or kind neighbors are usually more than happy to share their favorites.



Top 5 “off the beaten path” locations

Here are our top 5 ‘off the beaten path’ treats that we suspect everyday tourists may never find:

1. Lucky Lake and Cascades Highway in Deschutes County, Oregon

A 25 minute uphill hike in sweltering temperatures shields this stunning lake from any but the most dedicated visitors! It’s worth the climb as this deserted lake is warmer than most of its neighbours and a perfect for a well deserved picnic and swim.

2. International Fireworks Festival in Montmorency Falls

Set in parkland around a huge waterfall outside Quebec City this festival featured spectacular displays from all around the world.

3. Charis Bros Seafood and Kiosk in Labrador, Gold Coast

A well-known favorite with locals, this award winning fish and chip shop situated on a picturesque estuary has the added benefit of attracting resident pelicans for lunch as well!

4. Hiking the foothills of Salt Lake City

Not even the owner of the property knew about the trails winding around the foothills of the mountains surrounding the city. They were perfect for snowy hikes as the sun started to descend into twilight and the city lights start to twinkle.

5. Touring with a RV through Australia

A surprise entry to our top 5 is an exchange we won’t actually do until December as we continue on our around the world adventure. But as we are exchanging our UK home for an RV on the east coast we thought it worth a mention! We are pretty sure we will be finding all sorts of off the beaten track gems so watch this space!

Without receiving offers through homeexchange.com we are pretty sure we may never have found ourselves in most of the places mentioned here. What local gems have you discovered? Where has been your favourite off the beaten track home exchange destination?

You can find out more about our home exchange adventures at LovePlayWork.com


About the author

We are Psychologist Hannah and IT expert Chris and we’ve spent 5 years traveling the world whilst running our own business. Home exchanging has been a big part of making that happen! You can learn the 7 refreshing ‘get there quick’ shortcuts to creating your own location independent lifestyle from our loveplaywork.com homepage. You can also follow us on Twitter for updates.

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