Things we LOVED about Sydney (and some things that surprised us)

Tom and Sheila (aka Romancing the Globe) recently completed their first of 12 home exchanges in their very own Down Under Odyssey. Here are the things they loved about Sydney!

We enjoyed a wonderful home exchange for two weeks with a nice family from a suburb north of Sydney. They wanted to go skiing in Colorado – we wanted warm weather and Aussie adventure

We knew we would love Sydney, but many things surprised us – in a good way!

  • The Sydney Opera House. Okay, this one is obvious but true. The opera house is just so beautiful and photogenic from all angles. We enjoyed walking around the city and capturing it from all perspectives. The Harbour Bridge adds to the scene.

  • Everyone is sooooo friendly. Need help or suggestions? Just ask a local.
  • Public transportation is excellent and very clean. There are ferries, trains, and buses to take you wherever you want to go, plus Uber. Much of Sydney is also very walkable.
  • Beaches and more beaches. We knew Sydney had nice beaches, but we had no idea there are so many – more than 100 in the city and many more up and down the coast. There are surfboards on car racks everywhere – there really is a beach culture here similar to Southern California. And where there isn’t a beach, there is dramatic coastline.
  • Sydney has great parks and gardens. Their huge Botanic Gardens borders the harbour. Look for festivals, concerts and even movies taking place in the parks.
  • Wine country is just a couple hours away. Take a scenic drive north to Hunter Valley and do a winery tour or three. From casual to upscale, these wineries take their role of pleasing your palate quite seriously. You will probably see a few roos in the area, too!
  • The Blue Mountains National Park beckon just an hour west of town. This World Heritage area has waterfalls, eucalyptus forests, caves, scenic walks, cafes, art galleries and lodging. Enjoy at a slow pace or high adventure. Leura is a particularly inviting little town to enjoy shops and cafes. Sydney has several National Parks within a couple hours’ drive.
  • More than 500 members are in the Sydney area! They seem to be a well-traveled crowd with lots of vacation time. After we had confirmed our home exchange, we received a couple more offers we had to politely decline. One of them said ͞come on over for a BBQ anyway͟, and we did. What a great way to make new friends! members are the nicest, smartest and most fun people on the planet. Seriously!
  • Surprises: Bats?! We expect to see them in caves and rainforests, but not in a major city. In Sydney at dusk they fly everywhere, even over the Opera House, and they are HUGE with wingspans of over 3 feet. They eat fruit and hang in the trees. The locals are so used to them that they don’t pay any attention, but we found them fascinating.
  • Flocks of cockatoos. At home, we only see cockatoos in cages, but here they fly around in big squawking flocks.
  • Strange bird sounds. The birds here are very vocal, but in a fun way. Ever heard a kookaburra call? Google it. It gave us a good laugh as an alarm clock.
  • It can get HOT in their summer. It was up to 40C / 104F during our visit, but also down to 23C / 73F. Fear not, Sydney folks dress very casual, but bring sunscreen.
  • We expected a nice city experience, but were surprised at how much there is to enjoy in and around Sydney. There is no way to be bored with such a variety of activities – seashore, mountains, cities, shopping, vineyards, arts, music, or just gawking at the harbour views.

Two weeks in Sydney was a great way to begin our down under adventure! This was the first of 12 home exchanges and it was a beautiful home, lovingly furnished and included their car. We enjoyed texting with them as they enjoyed the Colorado snow. So plan your trip to Sydney. You won’t regret it.



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Tom & Sheila are Romancing the Globe! Their adventures began when they met on Christmas Eve of 2007, fell crazy in love, and discovered their mutual travel addiction! They’re empty nesters and enjoy home exchanges to interesting corners of the globe (21 so far). Whether it’s weeks abroad or a weekend road trip in the Colorado mountains, they can create a romantic adventure just about anywhere! Preferred activities include water, nature, wildlife, bare boat sailing, relaxing at a beach, snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, golf, outdoor concerts, exploring local culture and festivals, volunteering for nonprofits and finding at least one Christmas ornament for their travel tree. See their stories at and share yours!

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