Member stories: The secret to getting away fast

Some of the more experienced Members hold the key to getting away… fast. And they are ready to share their secrets with you.

Many of these Members have left the daily grind of the workforce and now enjoy more free time. And, of course, they all have one goal — to travel more frequently. The word “retired” doesn’t accurately describe this group, since many continue to work while having the flexibility to pursue adventures around the world, leaving the confines of the workforce behind them.

For those of you who have that flexibility to travel, you know what we mean. You can plan wonderful adventures without the restriction of an employer’s idea of where you should be on any given day, or how much vacation time you have available, or even when to take a vacation.

There is one thing this group does have in common. The desire to travel, experience life’s adventures, meet new people — and to do it all affordably. makes it easy for all ages.

Take a look at some of these Members’ favorite experiences:



TomOnce I decided to retire, I thoroughly researched all the home exchange companies. After a referral from a friend that validated our research, we joined In 10 months’ time, we have done exchanges in Paris, Aspen, Steamboat Springs, and in downtown Denver. Our favorite aspect of exchanging is the expectation of living like a local in a new vacation spot and saving the money on rooming. It’s like having options for second homes all over the world.

Tom, from Colorado, Listing #446849

steverozIn the roughly one year since joining, we have done six exchanges and been living in other peoples’ homes for three months. From April next year we will be traveling through the USA for 12 months with a car we intend to purchase in Los Angeles. We have already secured 10 exchanges in various places to coincide with the route we will be taking. This will be a trip of a lifetime!

Roz and Steve, from Australia, Listing #403733

micheleWhat to say about this first exchange in Boston? I did a home exchange this summer with a young couple. I met two lovely people, Jim and Tracy, absolutely lovely, very warm. They welcomed me with great kindness. From their terrace you can see beautiful sunsets over the Charles River. I found a very beautiful city with this exchange, but for me what I will keep from this trip is having met great people, who I hope I will stay in contact with.

Michèle, from France, Listing #363941

triciaI’m 65, and a couple of years ago I retired from my job as a sociology lecturer. When one of my colleagues returned to work after the college holidays with a suntan (again!) — in February — I asked how she managed to have so many great holidays. She showed me the website, and I was bowled over by the simplicity of the idea, and the huge possibilities it opened up. I signed up straight away, and the following day I had an exchange offer from Florida! I’m so excited about being free to travel some more, and I have done 15 exchanges so far. One of the joys of being retired is having the flexibility to look for a last minute non-simultaneous exchange.

Tricia, from UK, Listing #117893, if it didn’t exist, it would be necessary to invent it! The skeptics tell us: “But, how you can do this? Strangers in your house… and then you go to their home as well?” Yes, of course! If there’s one thing that home exchangers have in common, it is not only the wish of saving money (which is important) but also precisely the wish to open up and share with others.

Franco, from Italy, Listing #91977


drikjeWe are big fans! The fun thing of home exchange is that if a problem arises, it is always fixed a.s.a.p. Like in Madrid, we didn’t get hot water anymore in the shower. Our exchange partners solved this from The Netherlands by contacting a plumber and it was fixed in a day. In the meantime, we could use the fitness facilities down in the apartment building to take our shower.

Dirkje, from the Netherlands, Listing #171657

sendobeatrizWe arranged a one week exchange in Bali. The house was great, comfortable and close to the beach. We could visit one part of the island during the day and then come back to rest in such a pretty place. We learned why rice fields are listed in UNESCO World Heritage List. It was really an interesting trip we could do thanks to home exchange!

Sendo & Beatriz, from Spain, Listing #104531


julieWe heard about from a friend who had already been on many great trips, and it seemed worth a try. After our first exchange in Maui we realized that traveling the world would not only be a wonderful adventure, but a lot less expensive than we thought. So, by the end of 2003, home exchanging made it possible for Mark to retire early. Then I retired shortly after with both of us in our mid fifties. Since then we have enjoyed 77 exchanges with an average of 6 to 7 a year! Exchanging brings us an understanding of the people and places.

Julie and Mark, from California, Listings #51615 and #94706

ErikWe’re home exchangers! It’s a lifestyle. And even though we’re both retired now, the wanderlust is still there, and now we are able to go traveling anytime during the year. Without we would not have hiked in The Rocky Mountains, lived 15 minutes away from Niagara Falls, seen kangaroos, seen geysers in Iceland and lots of other things. Life as a home exchanger is still great. We don’t want to do without it; so we try to stay fit to be able to go on for many years to come.

Bente and Erik, from Denmark, Listing #11756



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  1. Please email me more details. I own a 3 Bed 2 bathroom Penthouse in Paddington , Central London. Am interested in swapping for Holidays. South Pacific ,Tieland , Poloniesia , Samoa , Bermuda , Aruba , etc

  2. We live in South Africa and have great great difficulty in finding anyone on HomeExchange who wants to come here. I have spent hours searching, writing to “open to discussion” members, with little and no success. I don’t think HomeExchange is going to do it for me. I find one or two exchanges in places I don’t want to go to. The only country where there is a fair-ish selection is the UK (nothing in Ireland’s) and I have been there on enough holidays. So, alas, my membership is a waste of money.

    • Dear Marie,
      We are sorry to hear this. South Africa is a beautiful country and our members there love Home Exchanging! Check out some of our blog posts about South Africa:

      Marius, living in a wild estate:
      Chris and Christian, having completed 7 exchanges in Europe:

      We encourage you to update your listing (add preferred destinations, add the “open to any destination” option…). The best thing of Home Exchange is that sometimes you get inquiries from a destination that you even didn’t think about visiting. Please let us know if we can do anything else for you. Cheers!

      • Thanks for a considered reply. We have done all we can to make things easy. We find exchanges in Australia, but as we have a daughter living in Brisbane, this does not help us much. We really want to spend a holiday in Southern Europe but alas, no taker in spite of topping my data bundle on exchange offers. We have been to the USA, India, etc. and want too go somewhere we have not been.

  3. I sit at my computer looking out over the Bay of Bandaras in Puerto Vallarta. The lovely ocean breezes provide the perfect temperature here in paradise. I have a 3 bedroom/4 bath apartment on 2 levels about 4 blocks from the beach. I’m a block above bus routes, restaurants and stores. I’m surrounded by a quiet Mexican neighborhood with wonderful, loving neighbors. My Spanish has improved immensely since I moved here because my neighbors don’t speak English so we do a lot of sign language! I have a car available with secure gated parking.

    • Hi Kathleen
      Your message sounds fabulous. Are you interested in coming to West Cork in Ireland? We have a small cottage there which would sleep 4 at a push. Its wild, open countryside with glorious views! Non simultaneous could be arranged. We used to do home exchanging for years to our home in Cork city, however the teenagers started objecting to travelling with us! They are now old enough to be left at home which means we can bring our 5 year old with us. Would love to hear from you. Regards. Roisin

  4. Hi , I am looking for accommodation in Cape Town for a family of 3 plus 2 adult daughters with two son in laws, and I 10 month old baby. preferably from ANYWHERE say GREENPOINT UP THE COAST UNTIL CAMPSBAY .I AM HAPPY TO EXCHANGE MY 5 BEDROOM HOME IN ST IVES SYDNEY . FOR FURTHER DETAILS PLEASE CONTACT ME

  5. I live in a cozy one bedroom flat in downtown Boston, and I am willing to change it for two or three weeks with someone from the South of France, or Sweden, or Island. Please, contact me.

  6. This is nice, but rather than new ideas and services it would be better to work on the basic services I paid for. I haven’t received any daily updates in over a month and I’m really disgusted with Home Exchange.

    • Dear Sandra,
      Our apologies for this. There was a tech issue with some of the daily updates. That issue has been fixed so you should be receiving emails again very soon.
      Thank you for your patience.

  7. I’d really love to get away in December and have a lovely flat in the inner city – very pretty – suburb of potts point in sydney. Close to the eastern suburbs beaches. 15 minutes to the city and opera house. Beautiful weather here now, not too hot yet. Europe, New York … All things considered.

    • We are a Family on 6. mom and dad and 4 children on the age from 7 till 16 years. We are going to Sydney on the 26 th. of december and will stay there for about 6 – 10 days. We get a camper from the 5 th of january.
      We live in a lovely farmhouse in the mittel of jutland. Just outside Herning. Our home is avalible any time of the year.
      Please let us know if you are interrested.

      Regards Hanne and Ehleert

  8. Hello everyone

    We (4 adults, 4 small children 1,5-3,5 years) are looking for a 1-2 months exchange with florida in january/february/march 2015.

    We live in the heart of Switzerland (kriens/ lucerne) with a lot of good Ski areas just a short distance from our new flat (3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms).

    Anyone interested in this rather spontaneous exchange?
    Looking forward to hearing from you :.D


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