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Meet foodie bloggers and members, Zuzi and Jan, of, who believe that the best way to see a culture is to taste its food and live like a local.
We love to travel. Living in Prague, a town of sights, we rarely do sightseeing when we travel ourselves. Instead, we travel for food, our passion. We love to taste what is local and seasonal. When we travel, we like to stay away from the crowds: we want to do what the locals do, and learn about their life and culture. And, we like to do it through the food they eat.

That is why we love to swap homes with other travelers. It’s not about the savings. It’s about staying in a residential area, shopping in the local grocery store, having breakfast with locals, and later sharing a table with them at a popular gastropub or wine bar.
We try to reflect that style of travel in our Prague food tours, too. We treat the guests of our tours as if they stayed in our house, too. How do the people in Prague live? Where do the local foodies go to treat themselves to something great, and what to they order? How does the food reflect the present society?
Because that is ultimately who we are, either as local food guides, or people who sign up on to open their homes to strangers: we are the ambassadors of our own cities, showing our guests who we really are and how we really live.
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And that is why we absolutely love non-simultaneous exchanges. You get to meet your fellow travelers and be their guide, the city’s ambassador to them. Show them the best way to enjoy the city, where to eat, what to see and so on, becoming friends in the process.
And, then you get the favor back, just like we did in the West Coast of the US in November last year. Whether we had coffee with Amy in Portland, Oregon, or visited a dive bar with Harriet and Alex in San Franscisco, or had burgers with Suzanne and Kevin in Camarillo, we felt like locals, eating their food and getting a peek at their lives. And that is what meaningful travel is about, at least for us.

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Zuzi and Jan love to travel —  but they like to travel their own way. No sightseeing. No checking boxes. No long lines for the “must-dos”. They try to avoid crowds and instead roam local districts in search of an authentic experience. If they have to choose between beautiful (but touristy) and real, they always choose real. And, they also love food, obviously. They say “food brings people together,” and they share their travel moments and foodie experiences on their unique travel blog:

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