A Whole Day of Sharing

Life is better when we share. To prove it, we’ve mapped out a whole day of sharing, from the best breakfast to an evening with friends.

7:00am – Prepare the freshest breakfast.

Sure, you could hit the grocery store, but why would you when you can have eggs and produce delivered directly from a local farm to your door? When you sign up for a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program, also known as a farm share, you’ll pay a subscription fee at the beginning of the harvest season and receive weekly boxes filled with anything from fruit, veggies, and eggs to honey, milk, and herbs.
Best Bets:

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9:00am – Catch a ride.

With the number of car- and ride-sharing services available, owning a vehicle in a major city is practically unnecessary.

Best Bets:

10:00am – Hit the office.

Why commit to a long-term lease on an office space when you can work from, well, anywhere? The dreary days of drab cubicles are a thing of the past. Using a office or desk share service lets you book office space where, when, and how you need it.

Best Bets:

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5:30pm – Take the scenic route.

It’s no wonder biking is steadily growing in popularity; it’s good for your health and the environment. Today, you don’t even need to own one to join the movement (no pun intended). Bike sharing programs all over the world are making it easy to hop on and hop off with no need to ever stop for a tuneup.

Best Bets:

7:00pm – Get glammed up.

Men have an unfair advantage when it comes to dressing up; no one notices if they wear the same suit to two events in a row. Ladies, on the other hand, are expected to arrive in a new outfit every time. It’s not all bad though…dress exchange and rental services take the stress (and high cost!) out of evening wear.

Best Bets:

Flickr: elizabethblue / Creative Commons

8:00pm – Host a potluck dinner party.

Gone are the days of tuna casseroles and multiple dishes of potato salad. Thanks to a little thing called the internet, there are now countless resources for potluck planning, coordination, recipes, and ideas…and none of them

Best Bets:

10:30pm – Plan your next adventure.

The ultimate in sharing? Swapping homes, of course! Choose from over 50,000 listings all over the world at HomeExchange.com and see where sharing takes you next.

For even more ways to share, visit the collaborative consumption directory.

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  1. Awesome..!! Wish I could spend a day like you guys did..!! I really felt so good while reading your article that I can’t express my real feeling. Hope, to meet you guys and spend a wonderful day with you all..!!

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