The Holiday and Home Exchange: Movies About Home Swapping

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The Holiday

Did you know that is a bit of a movie star? We made our debut in the 2006 movie “The Holiday“, starring Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, and Jack Black. The movie “The Holiday” tells the story of two women, Amanda Woods and Iris Simpkins, who find love in a new city after they swap homes. Amanda (Diaz) seeks the adventure of a home exchange with Iris (Winslet) to escape the turmoil of her life in California for the bucolic English countryside of Surrey. As you might expect, the unexpected soon follows. The film also stars Ed Burns, Eli Wallach and John Krasinski.

Writer/director Nancy Meyers was inspired by and the possibilities it offers travelers and asked if she could use our site in her film. We happily agreed! Since its release, “The Holiday” has inspired many to try Home Exchange for the first time. While we cannot guarantee a love connection with Jude Law or Cameron Diaz, many lasting friendships have been formed between HomeExchange Members all over the world.


A Couch in New York

The Holiday” isn’t the only movie to feature a Home Exchange storyline. A Couch in New York is a classic comedy of errors about Dr. Henry Harriston (William Hurt), a psychoanalyst from New York, and Beatrice Saulnier (Juliette Binoche) from France. On the verge of a nervous breakdown, Dr. Harriston arranges a last minute swap with Beatrice. Upon arrival in Paris, he is mistaken for the “other man” in Beatrice’s life, while Beatrice is presumed to be Dr. Harriston’s substitute. This film is a joint production of American, French and Belgian companies filmed in Brooklyn, New York and Paris. Did we mention a dog plays a pivotal role as well?

Note: does not recommend swapping jobs along with homes!

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