Collaborative Consumption and More in our OuiShareFest Recap!

It’s been a busy and exciting few days at OuiShareFest 2014, and now we want to share with you!


Ed founder Ed Kushins was off to Paris this week to participate in an amazing meeting of the minds in the field of Collaborative Consumption. He stayed in an exchange home, of course!

We connected with some wonderful people doing some truly innovative things (car sharing, dress sharing, even concert sharing!) that we can’t wait to introduce you to.

On Tuesday, Ed gave a great speech on the value of trust. Of course, as a Member, you already know all about that! But we wanted to share what we’ve learned over the years: that trust is the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to Collaborative Consumption. Ed also shared some touching Member stories about the way peoples’ lives can (and are) changed for the better when they swap homes.

Ed at ouishareEd sketch notes

We can’t wait to return to Paris for OuiShareFest 2015! In the mean time, let’s keep the spirit alive. What do YOU share? Is it your home? Your bike? A cup of sugar? Tell us in the comments!

19 Comments on “Collaborative Consumption and More in our OuiShareFest Recap!

  1. I have tried for two years to find a home in Southern California that would like to do a home exchange with my husband and I in Louisville Ky. but have not had any luck. Our home is beautiful and the area in which we live is the best. I don’t know if I have not shown enough of what goes on as far as events and interesting things going on here or if it’s just a place people don’t desire to come. We did one exchange with a family in California about two years ago and it worked great for both. Could someone help me in the area of contacting those from California who would like to trade for two weeks to a month. We are renting our home the week of the PGA in August for $ 6.000.00 which gives you an idea of how nice our home is. Thanks so much for any help you can give me. Ernestyne

  2. OK, so what is “Sharefest”…really?
    This email to longtime members of home exchange is baffling. Is this an event for members? for the operators of Home Exchange? or just another advertising plug for Home Exchange. Its never really clear.
    The “Sharing is Caring” is an incredibly trite and over used expression especially with Home Exchange now spouting such pablum. The expression, invented by those huge internet companies intent on hovering up our data, falls flat when now, very late in the game, adopted by Home Exchange. “Collaborative Consumption” is another awful expression that makes what we do feel a lot less noble and degrades rather than enhances the idea of Home Exchange.

    Home Exchange really needs to focus on improving the operation of its website and correcting the many flaws in its operation and internal coordination before pumping such emails to their members.

    • Hi Philip! We wanted to let our members, who all clearly care about the sharing economy (they’re a part of it!), know about our participation in this incredible event. Collaborative consumption is a truly amazing movement that has been steadily growing in popularity, and we’re thrilled about that! People are sharing their homes, cars, bikes, skills, food, clothes…the list goes on. It’s great for the planet and for the people on it, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

  3. I know many people miss their beloved pets when they leave home. We love sharing our Golden, Sammy, and the two small mischievous “kids” Diego and Frida with our guests. And I love having affection canine friends away from home. Phyllis

    • Phyllis , we do miss our Golden Uma when we go on vacations, and would love to find new pets yo care outside our home.

  4. I would like to exchange my 1 bedroom Condo in the Seattle. Wa. area for one in Paris for 1 or 2 months.

  5. I would like to have people exchange w us for our home near Stowe, Vermont. It is built from an old barn & has 4 bedrooms & 2 full baths. No immediate neighbors. Close to Elmore, where there is a lake. Best Wishes.

    • Before I sign up for a 3 month or so membership I would really like to know the parts of the world that are of greatest interest for exchange to determine if it would be worth the cost. I have two homes – a large house in a lovely town on Lake Ontario in the greater metropolitan Toronto, Canada area and a small apartment in Edinburgh UK. The latter would likely be of interest but possibly not the former. I am interested in an exchange to any part of France and south (Florida, Georgia etc.) or west coast USA.

      • Hi Helen! now offers a 14 Day Free Trial. You can create a listing, browse, and make exchange inquiries at no cost during those two weeks. We recommend enrolling and sending as many inquiries as possible during that time to get a good idea of who wants to come to you. You can learn more here.

        • I have an old Presbytery house adjoining a 14 Century church in SW France, near the pretty bastide town of Mirepoix in the foothills of the Pyrenees.
          There is a shady garden with acacia, lime and several fruit trees, which is a haven for birds and other wildlife. I do not have or want a swimming pool.
          Walks in the hills or mountains. Swimming in a nearby lake.
          I’m interested in an exchange this summer with Schleswig Holstein, Denmark or Sweden near the North Sea or Baltic coasts.
          I can also offer a three bedroom flat in Greenwich, London, UK

  6. I want to do some exchanges but my wife doesn’t want anyone coming into our home.Any suggestions on how to change her mind

  7. We have found the experience of Home Exchange to be one of the most delightful experiences, ever! Many of the people we exchanged with have become friends. The Europeans (for the most part) seem surprised by the space we enjoy. We have absolutely loved the unique living arrangement of each exchange we have experienced. It is such an adventure. However, I have never offered to exchange my automobile due to the liability, in this country, for fear of an accident and being sued. Are there insurance companies here that would insure a foreign driver? I, personally, have driven all over Europe….but with a rental car and purchased insurance. I am wondering if other people here are as concerned about the insurance issue. Thank you. Lee

    • Hello-
      We’ve done 3 exchanges and 2 with a car exchange. One family actually did have an accident here in California with our car. As long as no $ is exchanged they can use your car and there were no legal or financial issues. I had left info on what to do if there was an accident and the exchange people followed it and our car was all fixed (and looked better!) when we got home. (they had to rent a car for those last 2 weeks)

      Life is short, risk a little and enjoy each day.


  8. Are there any wheelchair accessible homes available anywhere in the world we could visit?

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