Eat Like a Local in Denmark

Danish Pancakes

Best Danish Foods

1.  Aebleskiver – These treats are traditionally served around the Christmas holiday, and are a cross between American pancakes and popovers. Try them the Danish way, dipped in jam and dusted with powdered sugar.

2. Marinerede Slid (Pickled Herring) – A common staple to the Danish diet, this fish dish can be eaten as an open sandwich or accompanied by potatoes, onions and capers.

3. Smørrebrød – The word Smørrebrød comes from smør og brød, Danish for “butter and bread”. This open-faced sandwich consists of a piece of buttered dark rye bread topped with Pålæg (meat, fish, or cheese). Try yours with the traditional Marinerede Slid.

4. Rød Pølse – With a plethora of hot dog stands at your disposal, Rød pølse (Danish for red sausage) can be found with ease and have come to be known as one of Denmark’s national dishes. The skin is often dyed, giving the food its red color, and can be dressed in typical hot dog fashion to your liking.

5. Frikadeller – The Danish equivalent to meatballs, these flat pan-friend dumplings are typically made of minced pork, veal, or beef, chopped onions, eggs, milk, and breadcrumbs and are often served with potatoes and gravy. They can also be found on Smørrebrød; a Danish meatball sub!

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