Striking Gold on Go Ahead, Pinch Yourself

It Happens — and It Can Happen to You

4 Amazing Inquiries received by Team Members, and it can happen to you.

Among the 65,000+ listed homes or apartments available on you’ll find some absolutely amazing properties that deserve the word breathtaking.

Even more amazing is that sometimes the folks who own these places are the ones who contact you first.

It’s true… and it can happen to you.

What follows here are 4 true stories from the lives of 4 people who are not only home exchangers, but also team members, people who work to help make the #1 online Community for home swapping.

Here is a photo of the team members profiled in this article, taken during a lunch meeting in Montreal Canada.


Meet (left to right): Ross, Ellen, Tanya and Corinne.

Inquiry #1 — Ross
Lyon, France

Take a good look at this 1200-square meter (almost 13,000-square feet) French château, built in 1870 and renovated in 2006, 30 minutes from Grenoble and just 45 minutes from Lyon. Wifi Internet access, a gourmet kitchen and barbeque, fenced private park and grand piano included. How much do you think such a magnificent place might rent for? A few thousand a night? Or more?

Even if you were a famous celebrity with money to burn, the owners might not rent to you, but as a Member, you may very well be asked if you would like to stay there for a week, or ten days… or more.

This was — and is — an actual inquiry that showed up in Ross’ inbox.

Who wouldn’t immediately jump on an offer like this, given the chance?

Well… you have this chance every day on

Keep in mind that simultaneous, as well as non-simultaneous, exchanges are both always available on In many cases, families or individuals with second homes make this option fairly standard. If you also happen to be among the lucky ones to have a second property, the chances of arranging a swap with a breathtaking property increase exponentially.

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Inquiry #2 — Ellen
Patagonia, Argentina

Ellen lives in Denmark, and in keeping with the social conventions of most Nordic countries, “Okay, I may not actually have screamed out loud when I opened this inquiry, as that is a bit out of Scandinavian character, but the thought of going to this remote place in the wilderness of Patagonia may have made my heart beat a little faster. Look at that view from the bedroom!”


And don’t think that just because you may not have a “grand” home to swap, you are at a disadvantage. Quite to the contrary. As you can see, this inquiry is just as appealing for the glorious wonders of the natural surroundings, as it is for the house itself.

As they say in France, “Vive la différence!” Variety is indeed the spice of life, and with 150 countries to consider, finding compelling differences is half the fun.

Inquiry #3 — Tanya
Kikambala, Kenya

When asked for examples of her favorite inquiries, Tanya, who serves as the / representative in Norway replied:
“It was nice spending time with you in Montreal [see the lunch photo above]. I have attached a screenshot of an exotic offer I received from Kenya. I have received other wonderful offers, too, even just today from an island in Brazil, but this Kenya offer was very exciting.”

Imagine just how delightful it feels to open your inbox while sitting with your family, mid-winter, in Norway as your screen fills with the white-sand beach, verdant cliffs and an exotic red house poised on this secluded miniature peninsula in Africa.

That’s an invitation that is hard to forget. And, yes, this happens every day on, to people just like you.

Inquiry #4 — Corinne
Sosua, Dominican Republic

As the / team leader in the Netherlands, Corinne is a photographer and physical therapist who is active in the growing social movement of the “sharing economy.” An experienced home exchanger, Corinne and her family often swap their 1912 farmhouse (built by Corinne’s great-grandparents).

Gathering around the computer after dinner one evening with her 2 children and their dog, Knaggel, here is the inquiry that captivated their imaginations:



What an offer: to swap their Dutch farmhouse for a Caribbean hacienda in a lush jungle beach town. Plus, Knaggel would have an Alaskan Husky dog house guest as well.

There’s magic hidden in the hundreds of thousands of home exchange possibilities that are waiting for you now, any of which could show up in your inbox tomorrow. A little imagination opens a whole world of possibilities.

It’s entirely possible, and it can happen to you.

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27 Comments on “Striking Gold on Go Ahead, Pinch Yourself

    • Hi Theodore,

      We have over 17,000 listings in the United States. I am giving you a link to search results for the United States. Simply select the are you would like to visit, and explore your options.

      If you currently don’t have a membership with us, we offer a 14 day free trial.

      Happy home exchanging!

  1. We had some pretty good offers, and deals, too! Our very first exchange was with a massive 1920’s tudor mansion in Chicago, decorated in keep with the 20’s! And we also once swapped with a 4 story cliff house in Cape Town where we were met with a driver in a limo with Champagne! The house offered breathtaking views of the ocean and had an outside pool on each floor! We are lucky that our home (listing # 154361) in central Amsterdam is a popular one!

  2. Have been thinking about this for 20 years! Maybe this is the year to do it…We have a six bedroom, three bathroom, 3,000 sq foot house on an acre 30 minutes outside of Vancouver, BC, Canada -would that be a good swap?

    • Well I for one am always going back to Vancouver, it is where I was raised and now I live on this remote tropical island…and always looking for a Lower Mainland exchange as I honestly don’t wish to stay at my parents place the entire time…
      Sign up! You’ll be a member for life.

      • Hi Cherith,
        We have a condo in downtown Vancouver, and love to go to tropical islands. Where are you located?

        • Hi Elanor,

          Cherith posted her comment a while ago and she may not see your inquiry. Are you a Home Exchange member? You’re welcome to post a link to your listing if you’re looking for an exchange partner.

    • HI
      I have always wanted to see the Vancouver and the surrounding area.
      I have a 3 bedroom 2 bath house on a Canal 2 blocks from the beach in Galveston Texas. The house has Wifi cable T V etc. Our community has all the amenities except Golf. I am 35 mins form NASA Space Center and 15 mins form Historic Galveston .
      You can Google Sea Isle Texas for map etc
      Houston is 35 mins away.
      I am widowed and would be traveling with my female companion. We both are in our 70s. Anytime between the months of June and Sept is good for us.
      Hope to hear from you and happy to answer any questions
      Thank you

  3. Bonjour!!

    I am looking for an exchange in the Picardy or Normandie. We are a family of 4 adults and 4 children. Would you like to come to the Beautiful Salt Lake City Utah were the winter Olympic was. There are a lot of things to do and see.
    Make our dream come true!!!
    The dates are from Jun first to 23th of August 2015.

    Kind regards,
    Madeleine and Wallace

    • Bonjour Madeleine and Wallace,

      Here’s a link to the search results for Upper Normandy and also for Picardy so you can see homes that are available there for exchanging. Feel free to post your listing ID here, as well, so that other members can find your home and contact you on the site for an exchange.

      Happy travels!

  4. Lovely 3 bedroom 2 bath room home close to city, rail, bus , shopping. Pool. Large verandahs. Aircon. Easy care. Need housesit by early march. Away 2 months

  5. Hi, I’m looking to “house sit” for someone in July and August….2wks, 1 month or both months.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t look at this site or email BEFORE, I committed my 2bdrm apt. I live in Gaeta, Italy on the Tyrrahnean Sea….full on view, 1 block off the sea, and 15 min walk to one of seven beaches in my small town. It’s south of Rome and north of Naples, Italy.
    I understand this site is primarily for exchanges, but I’m just throwing it out there for a house sitting position. I live in Italy all year round, and lived in Provence, for 4 yrs prior. I a mature women, single w/references, responsible, clean, neat and just looking for a change once in awhile. What I love about my sea/beach town is that you can enjoy the sun and great weather from April through October. Yes, it’s true….the logistics of the town gives us this advantage. Rome is 1 to 1-1/2hrs north and Naples is 1 hr south, not to mention the neighboring countries, and towns within a days drive.

  6. I’m off to kuala Lumpur in a few months where not only will I have a huge apartment in the city centre, but also…get this… a home help who will make my breakfast (plus other meals should I want them) and do my washing. I’m actually not sure how I’m going to deal with this, it almost seems too much.
    Paris, France.

  7. We are open to suggestions. Our home is in Edmonton Alberta Canada

    We would like to visit anywhere on the Canadian West Coast or western Europe Uk etc.

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