How to Take Advantage of the End of Summer

As the dog days of summer begin to wind down it’s time for the reluctant acceptance of the colder weather and shorter days that are just around the corner.

But you don’t have to wave the white flag of surrender just yet!  The summer season doesn’t technically end until September 22nd and we’ve got some great ways for you to squeeze the most out of those last rays of summer sunshine.

Catch some tunes in an outdoor venue

Warm nights offer the perfect opportunity to take in some music under the stars.  No matter where you live, chances are with a little bit of research you’ll be able to find an outdoor concert near you.  Whether it’s a county fair, music festival, or a night in the park, there’s nothing like the aural delights of open air music.

Take a weekend trip

Take advantage of the upcoming Labor Day Weekend and go on a road trip.  Hit that secluded beach you’ve always wanted to check out, take a hike to a scenic lookout, or plan for an outdoor adventure to satisfy your thrill lust.

Make it a staycation

If you don’t have time for a getaway, take advantage of your immediate local area.  It’s summer so get outside and explore:  national parks, state parks, county parks, and metro parks are all great places to to enjoy nature, and most are free!  Visit to find a national park or to find a state park.

Bring the beach to you

The beach and summer go hand and hand and even if you’re landlocked, Sunset Magazine has an handy guide to turning a small corner of your backyard into a private “seaside” oasis.

Take advantage of your new space by pitching a tent, building a fire, and enjoying a few s’mores as the perfect way to cap a fun-filled summer.

How are you making the most out of your last days of summer?  Let us know!

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