Unleash Your Child’s Sense of Adventure

Take a minute and think about what you love about travel. Is it the possibility of discovering something new? A chance to visit places you’ve only imagined? The opportunity to step out of your day-to-day life and live like a local? Now, step into your children’s shoes. Yes, they may be tiny but try to think back and recall what it was like the first time you went on a trip. Any adventure. It could have even just been going to visit an out-of-town family member. Your world expanded as though you were on a quest for hidden treasure.

With HomeExchange, that sense of wonder is an everyday occurrence. Between searching destinations for a possible exchange or receiving an inquiry, the world is at your keyboard (or phone, thanks to our Android and iOS apps). And when kids get involved, the exchange experience takes on a whole new meaning. Here are a few ways that swapping homes can benefit your tiny humans.

Explore something new!

One of the magic things about travel is that the walls of the classroom are left behind. The whole world offers the possibility to learn and discover. Children get to ask questions, meet strangers (with parental supervision of course), and see that a lot more is happening out there that can’t be watched on a screen or found in a book. They are able to walk down the streets of history and experience a different neighborhood or country. Learning becomes all the more real when you live it.

Where will you go?

“Sharing is Caring”

School can teach facts and figures, but it also provides a place for a child to learn life lessons like how to make friends, thinking critically, or playing well with others. Exchange homes is a chance to those skills to good use. There is a possibility that even you might feel a little odd about someone else sleeping in your bed. For a kid, that might be the least of their concerns. They could ask, “What about my toys?!” Here’s where those soft-skills from school come in. By exchanging homes with another family, a whole new set of toys is at the other end of the journey. They might even find their new favorite doll/car/book along the way! We often have Members share the artwork children leave behind thanking their Exchange Partner peer for letting them stay in their room and sharing their things.

Search Family Exchanges

Playtime together

We all get busy at home. There are errands to run, work to do, meals to prep and, of course, play dates, practices and more. And that doesn’t even account for any screen time that may or may not happen. With a HomeExchange, your every day gets left behind. Sure, there are still errands to run but, while on an exchange, they can become a family adventure. Discovering new foods, breaking the rules and have ice cream before dinner, while on a trip schedules can take a backseat. You get to play and be as carefree as your child is. After all, who couldn’t use a little more fun in their life.

No matter how many tips, how much money you save, or the reason behind the trip, the memories you make as a family will be the best souvenirs you could ask for. What do you think? We look forward to hearing what benefits you’ve uncovered through family exchanges.

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