The Best Neighbourhoods to Stay in When Visiting Paris

As one of the most exquisite capital cities in the world, Paris is a hub of entertainment, decadent architecture and stunning scenery. With a wealth of idyllic homes and apartments available for home exchange when visiting the area, you might find yourself struggling to decide on which one to choose. Paris boasts several cool neighbourhoods to stay in during your visit and to help you make your selection, here are a few recommendations.


If you enjoy the buzzing nightlife of a busy city, Oberkampf is the neighbourhood for you. From the arty vibe of cocktail bar, Barbershop, to the live rock music at L’International, the eclectic offerings make this part of Paris one of the best to spend an evening in. However, the trendy district has several West African restaurants as well as theatres and cultural attractions like the Maison des Metallos which offers performances from new and established artists.


Rich in history, Montmartre is a coveted neighbourhood that resides on a 130m high hill in the north of the city. Despite being popular with tourists, Montmartre still boasts an interesting ambience and is one of the most unique areas in Paris. The beautiful Basilica of Sacre-Coeur stands at the top of the hill, featuring incredible architecture while the heart of the village is lined with cobbled streets and quaint shops. One of the main attractions in the neighbourhood is the famous Moulin Rouge, but there is also the oldest can-can dance theatre in Paris close by; the Elysees Montmartre Theatre.

Canal Saint-Martin

The pretty neighbourhood encompassing the Canal Saint-Martin is a picturesque area fusing tourist attractions with residential elements. As one of the coolest hotspots in Paris, Canal Saint Martin is known for its tranquillity. The canal itself provides the perfect backdrop for a relaxing stroll, while the local restaurants and cafes offer a haven for food lovers. Le Verre Vole is a wine store and bistro in one with dishes to complement the handpicked selection of fine wines. Elsewhere, The Sunken Chips serves traditional fish and chips for those who want a taste of home. For fashionistas and those who adore Parisian crafts, there are an abundance of chic stores.


Rue Montorgueil is a lively street lined covered in white cobbles and lined with eateries, coffee shops, bistros and shops. For foodies, this street is paradise – the oldest patisserie in Paris is located here, alongside cheese connoisseurs, fishmongers, bakeries and even florists. This popular part of the city is where many residents have a swift drink after work. Rue Montorgueil gives tourists a taste of urban Paris life and its close links with other striking streets makes this area a wonderful place to stay in.

Haut Marais

Despite Haut Marais being seemingly less popular than other districts in the city, it’s one of the oldest parts of Paris. Rich in history, you can expect to see seventeenth century stone buildings, the Marche des Enfants-Rouges; the oldest covered market in Paris and the Gallerie Thaddaeus Ropac; an amazing gallery featuring contemporary art from around the world.

Whether you are going to Paris for a romantic break, a family trip away, or even on business, you are sure to find perfect accommodation in a neighbourhood to suit the purpose of your trip; and this quick look from should help you narrow down your options.

No matter where you decide to reside during your stay in Paris, you can expect the finest restaurants, historical and cultural hotspots, as well as an array of superb views.

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