Where will 2018 take you?

Why wait? Start planning your travel for next year and get in ahead of the crowd.

If “travel more” on your list for New Year’s resolutions, we can understand why. Thinking, dreaming, and preparing for your next trip is not only exciting but it also gives you something to anticipate.

At HomeExchange, the new year is an exciting time. We begin hearing from our Members about their holiday travels. They start sharing about visiting the location they have always wanted to go. Or the opportunity to have the whole family under one roof. It’s a beautiful thing.

The new year also offers something for our Members: fresh opportunities to exchange. Our data points to the fact that January is the month when a majority of home swaps are listed and booked for the year ahead. It is also the month when we have our most significant influx of new (and enthusiastic) Members. Meaning a more robust selection of destinations to choose from and more opportunities to Exchange!

Now, we know it is only December, but we have a few tips for you to be ready for the rush of January.

  • Search and save: If you already know where you’d like to go, make a point to save your ideal destinations. That way, as new listings come in, your search will automatically update with these fresh opportunities. Plus, if you have your email notifications on, you’ll get a message as new listings arrive.
  • Update your preferred Exchange locations: Keeping your profile current is one of the best ways to ensure you will be found when someone from searches for your area from one of your dream destinations.
  • Keep an eye on airfares: By planning and booking early, you’ll enjoy locking in the lowest possible airfare for your Exchange — a real bonus, on top of “staying free and living like a local.”
  • In other words, HomeExchange power users take full advantage of January to make the most of a unique travel lifestyle. Even if you choose not to book a home swap in the first four weeks of the year, by browsing and noting your favorite potential destinations and accommodations for reference, you’ll be well ahead of the pack when it’s time to make the plan.

    So, what are you waiting for? January is right around the corner and with it comes twelve months of inspiring opportunities. That’s 365 days to look forward to. And it all begins with a click.

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